Piloxing is the new fitness trend

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Piloxing is the new fitness trend

Piloxing is the new fitness trend out there today. It is a mix of Pilates and boxing, the most unlikely candidates but they fuse in together surprising well.

Piloxing is a high intensity combination of boxing and dance interspersed with strong Pilates-based movements. These classes help you burn 700 to 900 calories per hour.

Using the most current science it incorporates interval and barefoot training to burn maximum calories and increase stamina. Piloxing combines the power, speed and agility of boxing with focus on sculpturing and flexibility of Pilates.

Piloxing is the creation of Los Angeles based Swedish professional dancer, Viveca Jensen. She’s also a Pilates instructor, bodybuilder, boxer and personal trainer and is now a favourite among celebrities such as Kristen Dunst and  Hilary Duff.

Piloxing is fast becoming a huge fitness trend and you are definite to find classes in your area.

Watch the video below to give you an idea of what Piloxing is about:


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