Is public sex the hottest new thing?

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Is public sex the hottest new thing?

It’s all fun and games until someone pulls out a video camera and your little romp is all over the news, YouTube and your 15-minute of fame is up in flames.

We’ve noticed something in the past few weeks.

Public SEX. Everywhere.

In the streets, in the office, on public transport… Couples being arrested for public sex have been dominating the news more than Tony Abbott’s leadership troubles.

It might be because of the warmer weather. It might be because of  Valentine’s Day or maybe 50 Shades of Grey. It might be Viagra.

Or is public sex on the rise permanently?

First, it was the New Zealand couple caught having a not-so-secret romp in their office after hours. With the lights on. In full glorious view of a busy pub across the street.

Apparently, the two involved were actually having an affair. He was married with kids, and she was engaged.
Whoops. Probably should’ve pulled the blinds.

Then, a disturbing couple were recorded having sex on a subway escalator.


A man approached the couple to remind them they were not in the privacy of their bedroom. Double whoops, the woman stood up, and a little bub was slung to her bosom.

Last a couple have been caught in broad daylight in front of a dress shop in California. They were just strangers who felt an attraction so strong they forgot they were in plain view of everyone in the shop.

It started with them rolling around on the pavement for a while, and ended with them being arrested.

Three public sex stories in two weeks.

A little reminder, to anyone thinking of following the trend: It may be fun, but you may also get arrested.

Or end up on YouTube.

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of risqué sex but have your wits about you, especially that we live in the era of technology where every man and his dog have a camera on them.



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