Put These Magic Sheets On Your Xmas List

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Put These Magic Sheets On Your Xmas List

Every so often there is some new advancement that makes you feel happy to be living in this century. One such invention has stepped into your bedroom and made it oh so much better. This Xmas insist on a pair of this magic sheets that can keep things hot or cool in your bedroom.

These amazing Hammacher Schlemmer’s temperature self-regulating Portuguese flannel sheets are a dream come true. These Portuguese flannel sheets are embedded with a polymer that helps regulate body heat and create optimal sleeping conditions in all seasons.

The fibers in the flannel, respond to each person, absorbing moisture to prevent chills and create a cozy surface when sleepers are cold, and releasing the stored moisture to cool skin and bedding and prevent overheating as the person warms up.

To be crystal clear, there’s nothing electronic about them. They’re just super soft and cozy sheets, woven for durability, and machine-washable for convenience.

For all the sleep lovers this is the ultimate Xmas present but it is only available from Hammacher Schlemmer and you are still in time to order one for Xmas, for that person you know who loves a good night sleep.

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