Real Men Care for their Curls

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Real Men Care for their Curls

Here’s a curly question for you ― have you ever gotten a crew cut just to keep your curls under control? Or hidden frizzy hair under a hat or baseball cap?

Your curls can become a stunning asset! Just look at former One Direction frontman Harry Styles and actors like Kit Harington (GOT), Corbin Bleu and Adrian Grenier. They are great ambassadors for men with curls, popular with their fans, and highly successful also.

If you’ve been trying to tame your hair for years, then take note of the following tips! Real men care for their curls.

Know your curl type

Curls come in a range of patterns ranging from wavy to tight coils. If you are not sure about your type, find a hair salon that offers free curl consultations. Most likely they will identify your curls as 2, 3 or 4.

Wavy hair is identified as 2a, 2b, or 2c depending on how tightly the hair strand forms a natural s-shape.

Defined ringlets or loose corkscrew curls are considered Type 3a, 3b, or 3c. These can be harder to maintain as they become frizzy or break easily when excessively dry; it’s important to avoid certain ingredients in hair products (more on that later).

Type 4 curls are the tightest and most dense of all the curly hair types; the typical ‘fro made popular by the Artist formerly known as Prince, Guy Sebastian, and more recently, rugby league’s Renouf Atoni. For men with type 4 curls, the right hair care can make a huge difference and prevent unsightly frizz.

Never use soap on curls

We get it – soap seems quick and easy when it comes to shampoo time but beware as it will strip vital moisture from your hair. Be extra fussy when choosing your shampoo and avoid any that contain silicone. As you know, silicone is used as a sealant against water; these shampoos prevent moisture from penetrating the hair shaft and weigh down the curls. Over time, your hair becomes limp and lifeless.

Check the ingredients on the shampoo bottle for any ending with “CONE”, “CONOL” or “ZANE”. Avoid sulfate as well, which also potentially damage to curly hair.

source: Unspalsh

Should men comb curly hair?

After shampooing, apply a good quality conditioner and work it through the curls to prevent frizz. Let it soak in and then, use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. As you rinse, remember to leave some conditioner in the hair and dry gently.

Thereafter, use your favourite hair gel to style your locks while damp. Hair gel helps to bind the curls together creating greater definition, support and bounce to make a real style statement!

Be proud of your curls, lads!

This is your time. Curly hairstyles are in for 2024 so embrace the natural waves and curls of your hair. People with curly hair are often envied for its natural vibrance, volume, and texture and they are also a huge hit with the ladies!

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