When Do You Really Need Antibiotics?

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When Do You Really Need Antibiotics?

Antibiotics are possibly the greatest achievement of modern medicine. Antibiotics are powerful medicines that fight bacterial infections. Used properly, antibiotics can save lives.

Sadly, both patients and some farmers have not been using antibiotics properly,this needs to urgently change. When we do not use antibiotics properly we are allowing harmful bacteria the opportunity to evolve and outsmart the drugs we have that could fight them.

A recently survey from W.H.O ( World Health Organisation) found that 64% of respondents believed that they should take antibiotics to treat a cold. The truth is that we should avoid taking antibiotics when treating a cold or flu. Colds are viral infections therefore choosing to use antibiotics to treat it is futile and may cause more harm than good. Antibiotics are only effective to treat bacteria and not viral infections, yet there seems many among us who do not know this.

There is evidently a pressing need to make people aware of the dangers of not using antibiotics properly.

This video below is an eye-opener of the dangers antibiotics can cause you if not taken properly. Check the clip below and be equipped with the right knowledge on how to take it.

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