Science Is Talking About Beards Again.

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Science Is Talking About Beards Again.

The scientific collective world can’t make up their minds about beards. One study suggests that sporting a beard makes men look sexy and virile. The next study claims that beards are bacteria cesspits making many tearful man grab the old razor and shave off they proud facial hair.

Now, more recently, another study is sending our heads spinning. The study, published in the Journal of Hospital Infection, found out that clean-shaven men are actually filthier.

The study claims that bearded men are less likely to harbour infection-causing and antibiotic-resistant bacteria than their clean-shaven counterparts, a new scientific study has revealed after swabbing the faces of over 400 hospital workers for various pathogens.

That’s science for you. Now that there are two contradictory studies, what are men to do?

The safest option it seems, is to maybe just grow a stubble? Women, according to a study published in Evolution & Human Behaviour, prefer men with heavy stubble over clean-shaven and full beards.

Fellas this is your obvious safest bet and the sexiest option.

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