SEO Trends That Will Skyrocket Website Rankings in 2021

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SEO Trends That Will Skyrocket Website Rankings in 2021

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes it easy for anyone looking for something online to find it. Research has shown that about 70% of people doing online searches ignore the paid listings in search engine results and open the ones that appear to be listed organically. So, you need to do the hard work and ensure that you have your website optimized so it ranks highly on search engine results. Proper SEO will get you to the top but in order to succeed you need to keep up with the ever-changing SEO algorithms set by Google and other search engines. As SEO trends keep changing you need to stay abreast and apply the best.

What are the SEO trends in 2021 that you should incorporate in your business website? Some have been here for some time now while others are relatively new. Let us dive right in.

Content Will Always Be King

Search engines want to take people to websites where they will find the content they need. They are and will always be on the lookout for authoritative, trustworthy and shows expertise. To come up with great content, website owners will be doing search intent research which helps understand what the client wants when they make a search. Join in on this and find out what people want. Come up with unique and interesting content and your site will be well-optimized. Keywords are still important but quality content is more SEO friendly than keyword-stuffed content. Remember that voice search is gaining more popularity. Ensure your content answers questions that users may directly ask using this feature.

Local SEO is Changing

Many businesses closed their doors in 2020, some temporarily and others permanently. This saw local SEO growth slowdown but in 2021 it is expected to pick. Local search results were previously ranked according to proximity to the searcher but now this is not the case. Businesses need to use their online presence to affirm that they are the best in order to rank highly. In 2021, local SEO is likely to get more competitive. So, if you own a physical store you need to join Google My Business and apply digital marketing strategies that prove you are the best.

Mobile Friendliness Matters

There are many people searching the internet using their phones and search engines are keen on giving them the best experience. A website that is responsive and works well on mobile will receive high rankings in search results. With the Mobile-first Indexing algorithm that was introduced in 2019 by Google expected to be fully effected in 2021, mobile-friendly websites will benefit. In this algorithm, the mobile version of the website is used to rank on SERPs.

More Emphasis on Data Analysis

SEO is no longer just about adding traffic to your website but also about improving the business. By analyzing your statistic often you can promote your business by knowing the right action to take. You can determine which URLs are getting many visitors, the page load speeds, bounce rates, redirects and so on. With proper analytics, many business owners will be looking at bridging the gap between SEO marketing campaigns and ROI. Many will want to keep track of how much conversions there are and other benefits obtained from SEO services and strategies.


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