Sex Mountain

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Sex Mountain

There’s a mountain in Indonesia where thousands of pilgrims gather several times a year for a ritual sex session. It’s an ancient tradition with thousands of pilgrims taking part each year from all walks of life.

Seemingly, thousands of Indonesian pilgrims travel across the archipelago to Mt. Kemukus, known also as Sex Mountain, to take part in a religious ritual on a mountain top, believing sex out of wedlock at this holy site will bring them good luck and fortune.

Legend has it that the ritual started when a young Indonesian Prince, Pangeran Samodro, had an affair with his stepmother.

They ran away and hid on Mt Kemukus, but were caught and killed during sex and buried on top of the mountain.

Pilgrims believe having sex at the site will not only bring them good fortune but also wealth. There is twist to this ritual; for the magic to work and the wealth to take place, it is believed the sex partner for the ritual should not be a spouse.

There’s more – it’s not a one-time deal – you must copulate on the mountain every 35 days, seven consecutive times. Got to work hard to reap the benefits!

Pilgrims first pray and make offerings at the grave. Then they must wash themselves at sacred springs nearby. Once that’s done, it’s time to have sex.




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