How shallow are we?

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How shallow are we?

People go to great efforts to appear more attractive then they are on online dating sites, especially when they are on Tinder. After all you’re judging people solely based on their profile picture. What happens when someone’s Tinder photos don’t match the real life version?

The way to get more matches is to be good looking. Therefore it’s not surprising to want to meet up with your Tinder matches in real life and expect to discover that they are the exact same people as in the picture you saw on Tinder.

Imagine when you do meet up in real life you discover that the person you are meeting looks a little different than you were imagining. To exacerbate the situation your match shows up with two more chins then they had in the original picture.

The guys behind Simple Pickup dating site have conducted an eye-opening social experiment. They had a girl set up a number of dates on Tinder before throwing her into a fat suit surprising her unsuspecting dates and teaching us how easy it is to lie on the internet.

The idea behind this social experiment is to capture the responses of both males and females who meet someone on Tinder who is a little bit heavier than their Tinder photos suggest.

Some of the responses were awful but watching them in the knowledge that this is a set up one can afford laughing at the ridiculous exits some chose. However, the deeper lesson here is that despite our looks we are all human beings who deserve respect.

For men and women the responses are dramatically different. Watch the video below to see their reaction.

Following is a role reversal using a male actor and female Tinder users. How did women react? Do you think women are less shallow? Women were much nicer!!
Watch below.

Turns out men on Tinder are really shallow and it isn’t surprising considering that Tinder dating app is based on picture profile only.


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