Shoe fashion, high heels and Hydraulics

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Shoe fashion, high heels and Hydraulics.

Now here are two words we never see in the same sentence – High heel shoe fashion and hydraulics – except when you hear about the insane shoe fashion by Silvia Fado Moreno; ‘Kinetic Traces’. Moreno, a graduate of London College of Fashion, combines fashion sense with hydraulic springs. Shoe fashion is about to take a turn into the future with fashion and technology merging together, hydraulics and fashion are fusing and producing shoes with high heels that have comfort and beauty as its priority.

Moreno has created a new line of footwear, which tries to combine comfort and style using the miracles of technology.

During the creation of these heels, Moreno studied impact absorption, traction, and durability. Moreno merged this knowledge with her fashion expertise, she then added rubber balls and springs to high heels and the results are remarkable.

Moreno has designed shoes that are pretty awesome from a shoe lover’s point of view. Take a look at some of her creations fabulously balancing chic with sport comfort. I certainly like to grab a pair or two or three.










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