Strangers who look like twins

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Strangers who look like twins

They might look like twins at a photo shoot but the truth will amaze you. A 26 year old student and a TV presenter Niamh Geaney from Dublin teamed up with a couple of friends to launch a project called “Twin Strangers”, with the aim of seeing which of the three of them could find their closest lookalike or Doppelganger from around the world.

The social media experiment was to last 28 days, but it took Niamh just two weeks to find lookalike, and the results are truly stunning.

What made it even more interesting is that the look alike girl, Karen Braningan, lived just an hour away from Niamh.  Karen has a brother and five sisters and Niamh has two sisters, none of them strike a close resemblance like them. This is a coincidence against all odds and let’s admit a ted spooky.

After meeting her “twin” Niamh has since kept in contact with Karen via Facebook.

Niamh’s partners  in the project – Harry 21 and Terence 22- are still to find their “twin” but they don’t think they will find someone who looks so much like themselves as Niamh and Karen and lives so close too. There is still time as the projects is still running till the 27th of April.

The trio are inviting people all around the world to join in with the project and letting users add their own photos to their Facebook album.

For the majority of us finding our ‘twin’ out there might be a bit too much to handle. Hats off to Niamh and Karen.

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