Super Gorone Desk, a must have.

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Super Gorone Desk, a must have.

Gorone Desk is Japan’s latest new invention by top gadget makers Thanko. We’ve heard of stylish desk but never amazing, comfortable desks. This practical invention is simple but effective means of working on your laptop while sitting or lying down.

Great for people who like to take it easy while doing work on their laptop, watching movies or browsing the Internet.

Take a look at this video below and don’t say this isn’t one of the best inventions yet. Think how much comfier, cosier and just how much happier you were if you’d still be in bed, lying flat on your back doing your work.

Thanks to The Super Gorone Desk, this bed-based dream life, need not be a fantasy no longer. It can be a reality now. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below:


The frame is ideal for laptops and will fit a range of models. Easy to assemble and use, it even features a USB-powered fan to keep your computer cool. It can adjust to almost any position and when you want a break you can fold it down flat and carry it to wherever you are moving.

Yes, when using it probably won’t help you shift those post-Christmas love handles, but whenever you want to do some work in bed at least you won’t overheat or develop bad posture.


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