Why take a Nakation?

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Why take a Nakation?

Many people who have gone to nude beach holidays come home to boast the benefits. It’s exciting; it’s new, different, wild and uninhibited.

Nudism can also help us come to terms with some of the body issues many of us carry around with us.  Being among so many nudists of different shapes, sizes and none of whom pay you any attention one way or another can help you get past your body fixations.

Some people will have specific body issues, weight, nipple size, hip shape, boob shape and size, once they go to a nudist beach they question why they are so hung up about these body issues when clearly with this many body variations there must be someone out there with the same body variations as yours. Comparing yourself to others is futile

You might be thinking that naked and nudism has had its day and is so passé , but there are now a few reality shows in which participants put it all out there on TV.  One such show featuring in the ‘Discovery Channel’ is NAKED AND AFRAID, which premieres Thursday 24 July at 7:30pm AEST/NZST. Naked and Afraid takes ‘survival of the fittest’ to the next level. Every week a pair of complete strangers – a man and a woman- will find themselves stranded in the wild. They need to find food, water in the nude and survive on their own for 21 days in the wild. Yoga has also gone nude with Bold & Naked Yoga Studio in NYC practicing yoga in the nude.

Have a glimpse of what’s to come in the new show Naked and Afraid:

With nudism going mainstream, and is a growing industry in the travelling business, clothing optional resorts and nudist beaches around the world are making a big come back. There are nude beaches, nude luxury resorts, nude bed and breakfasts, nude campgrounds and RV parks, nude hotels that focus on families or serve 21 and over crowd, nude cruises, whatever your preference, there is something out there for you.


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