Taking care of your running shoes

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Taking care of your running shoes

Taking care of your shoes isn’t much different than taking care of your car. If you are a runner you know that the most important part of your gear you need for your workout is your running shoes. Take good care of them, and they will last you longer and support your foot properly.

We’ve compiled a list of basic tips to increase the life of your running shoes.

1.    Get the right shoes for the running conditions

 Your running shoes are meant for that exactly –running. Depending on where you are running whether it is over rough ground or the pavement ensure you get shoes that support that type of trail.

2.    Cleaning your running shoes

Leaving you running shoes muddy and damp actually accelerates the deterioration of the rubber and allows stitching to degenerate. After you run in muddy or wet conditions just lightly brush under a water tap and most of the mud and grime will come off, allowing the fabric to dry naturally. Some people put their runners in the washing machine this is not recommended as it causes a lot of damage to the shoe.

3.    Drying your running shoes

If you got your running shoes really soaked, take the in-soles out and dry them separately. Then stuff your running shoe with newspaper to soak up the rest of the water from it. Never put the shoes in a dryer, as it will damage the glue that is used to bind all trainers.

4.    Storage of your running shoes 

Store your shoes in a dry environment so air circulates through them at all times because even when you go running in a dry and sunny day after your workout your sweat will damp your shoes slightly.

Following these steps in caring for your runners will ensure that you won’t need to replace them as quickly.


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