The 10 Best Dive Watch Brands You Don’t Know About

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The 10 Best Dive Watch Brands You Don’t Know About

Are you a man of the outdoors? Do you like to take on more sports activities than the average person? This means that you would most likely engage in activities like swimming and canoeing. Dive watches are becoming all the rave these days and they are becoming a lot more popular for people that do not even dive. One of the problems with these watches is that a lot of them tend to look alike. This means that finding a classy timepiece (maybe something like Seamaster replica) for your personal use may be a bit tricky. Luckily for you, we will feature some of the best dive watch brands that you don’t know.

1.Aegir Instruments: This watch was made in 2007 when an Australian diver called Todd Caldwell sought to bring his vision of a perfect dive watch to existence. This watch is powered by an amazing Soprod A10 movement.

The 10 Best Dive Watch Brands You Don’t Know About - Aegir Instruments

2. Aquadive: This is another great watch that isn’t like the orthodox time pieces that you would see on the market. This brand returned in 2011 after they had taken a long hiatus in the watch making industry.

The 10 Best Dive Watch Brands You Don’t Know About -Aquadive

3. Germano & Walter: This is one watch that can double as a diving watch and a dinner piece. It still possesses a rugged elegance to it that everyone loves.

The 10 Best Dive Watch Brands You Don’t Know About- Germano & Walter

4. H20 Helberg: This is a German brand that brings you a lot of possibilities when it comes to watching personalization. The Orca model allows you to change the case even after configuration.

The 10 Best Dive Watch Brands You Don’t Know About












5. Pita: This quirky and playful watch would become your best friend in not time. It is up to 5000 meters water resistant. It is also operated with its case back which is a very handy feature.

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6. Suissemecanica: This brand was launched in 2011 for the SM8 collection. The watch is up to 200 meters dive resistant and it comes with a bezel that can be operated even after the slider is moved up or down.

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7. Squale: This brand has been topping the market since 2010 after it made a great resurgence from its traditional models. This watch is very affordable and comes with a lot of impressive features.

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8. Tempus Computare: Another Swiss brand that was launched in 2010. It brings you an unusual chronograph style dive watch. It was created for the Sea Shepherd organisation.

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9. UTS Munchen: This German Company has been producing great dive watches since 1999. It comes with a signature design. It also has bezel locking mechanisms that allow the watch to be water resistant for up to 2000 meters.

10. Vintage VDB: This watch is also from Germany and is a great diving watch. It is powered with vintage style movements.

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