Be Date-Ready with Some Grooming Tips

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Be Date-Ready with Some Grooming Tips

Although Valentine’s Day is long gone, reasons to celebrate love never goes out of vogue. Going on a date with your beloved is an experience that makes you fall in love with them all over again. And, dressing for the occasion, putting that extra effort to look stunning is an integral aspect. Whether you are kick starting a new relationship or boosting an existing one, be date-ready with some grooming tips.

You might say that dressing well and smelling good are the two aspects that call for being date-ready. However, that’s not it! There are a couple of other aspects that you need to consider while prepping for the upcoming dates. What follows are some ‘be date-ready with some grooming tips:

Remove the oil

To start off with the basics, it is very important to remove the excessive oil from your face. A recent survey found that men sweat more in comparison to women and as a result, they are more prone to oily skin. Oily skin has its own advantages but the drawbacks are also there. Oily skin can give your face a shiny look and if you’re self-conscious about it use a good scrub. Use a scrub and then oil-control tonic that’ll keep your face looking dry and masculine.

Conceal up the loopholes

There’s nothing you can do about the dark circles or the tiny spots that occur on your face. Use a good concealer that vanishes the spots in no time. Make sure you choose the shade that matches your skin tone rather than going for the one that looks a little different. It might look as if you’ve put makeup on the face and it’ll look blotchy too.

Style up your shave

If you look back a decade or so, you’d find that the concept of having a beard has changed a lot. From clean shaves to the slight stubble and now men are showcasing the fully grown beards that look absolutely stunning. Even women like their men to have a beard rather than going completely clean. You can figure out what you want to have and how far can you go styling it up. Apply beard oil or some creme meant for smoothening the beard and moustache so that when the time comes, you don’t across too rough for her.

Pick up your favourite men’s underwear

You need to be ready for everything because you don’t know when you’d get lucky. A clean below the belt and a fancy men’s designer underwear can gear things in the right direction. Hence, make sure you sport a stylish bikini or brief (whatever you like) and make the most of it when you get an opportunity.

Keep your breath fresh

To start off a new beginning, make sure your breath smells fresh. Bad breath can turn things really bad for you and your relationship. Brush your teeth and do not forget to carry peppermint chewing gums or peppermint spray to keep smelling fresh.

May you have a successful date in the times to come and you can thanks us later when these tips come in handy for you.

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