The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Sequined Dresses

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The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Sequined Dresses

Need to turn heads at your next black tie ball or gala event? You can make a stunning statement by wearing a sequin dress that dazzles. But draping yourself in all that glittering fabric isn’t simply about slipping into your flickering frock and hopping in a town car. Making such a bold fashion statement demands that you do a bit of planning in order to figure out the best way to adorn yourself. So you don’t blind the other party-goers with a glaring fashion faux pas. 

Wearing this kind of an outfit isn’t like shimmying into your little black dress, grabbing a matching clutch and stepping into your stilettos. There’s a trick to making it work and that is to know the dos and don’ts of wearing sequin dresses. In a way that won’t make you look like a desperate widow out for an exciting girls’ night in Atlantic City! Good news! We’re here to help you figure it out!

The Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Sequined Dresses

Since a sequin gown makes such an enormous statement. It’s important to think classy rather than clustered, sleek rather than smothered (in glitter, we mean). You don’t really want to resemble an out-of-control comet that has made a crash landing at the event, do you? So, how to accomplish this style success? It’s fairly easy, really: let the dress – and only the dress – carry the show.

Choose a classic gown with a sophisticated silhouette. We like long and draping floor-length cuts. Rather than those that cling like a second skin and make the shine pop instead of flow. Don’t mix your sparkling fabrics. Whatever you do, resist any urges to up your glamour game by wearing a sequin jacket or cape to beat back the chill. Instead, opt for a gown in a single, timeless colour like a gorgeous cream, silver, dark blue or deep green and please, no patterns!

The Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Sequined Dresses

Once you’ve got the dress chosen, fitted and ordered, avoid any desires to spread that shine all over yourself. Select very few simple accessories that don’t bring too much bling into the mix. Like classic gold, silver or single-coloured jewellery (neck, ears or wrists, but not all three, or skip these embellishments altogether) and simple, non-diamond-encrusted shoes. Pick up a clutch that will complement rather than clash. Perhaps in black or a leather to match the shade of your dress, and, for heaven’s sake, nix the face and body glitter. It’s also a good idea to keep your hairstyle simple and certainly, whatever you do, don’t play the princess with a gemstone-studded tiara. You are royal enough already!

The Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Sequined Dresses

Choosing to attend an event in a one-of-a-kind dress adorned in sequin embellishments is a daring style manoeuvre. You are letting the world know that you are confident enough to carry the shine without blinding the whole event. With these tips, we trust that you’ll bedazzle with class and cut a gorgeous figure posing on the red carpet or twirling across the ballroom dance floor in all your glittering sequin glory.

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