The reality of sex in showers

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 The reality of sex in showers

You might consider yourself sexually adventurous and sex shower is at the top of your bucket-list. There are plenty of you who are willing to do crazy, unusual things between the sheets, but shower sex might not be one of them. Especially, after you’ve watched this clever video from CollegeHumor.

Shower sex, according to CollegeHumor, is easily one of the most overrated methods of having sex with a girl. It’s glamorized as this titillating, intrepid way of lovemaking, but the reality of sex in showers is a whole different thing.

Movies, TV and porn depict it to be passionate and erotic, which leads you to believe that if you aren’t having shower sex you are missing out.

This is what the movies, TV and porn make you think of shower sex: You and your man in the shower where you are all hot and wet. The water is magical, warm and you leather each other up and you have sensual, erotic and passionate sex.

Here is what CollegeHumor, has to say about shower sex in their video entitled “Why Showering With Girls Is Overrated.”:



In short, shower sex sucks and it’s about time someone opens up the conversation about it.



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