The Resurgence of Parquetry Flooring 

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The Resurgence of Parquetry Flooring

With the reemergence of mid-century modern design, the wooden art form of parquetry has made a huge comeback. The opportunities for unique and stylish interior design are endless with this timeless style. The resurgence of Parquetry flooring is on the rise.

The Resurgence of Parquetry Flooring - Parquetry Floor

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

Furniture & Flooring

When you hear parquetry you likely will think of flooring, but; you may be surprised to find that it can be found in furniture too. 

“Mid-century modern pieces, and even some recent modern styles, feature parquetry elements that are interesting yet subtle,” says interior decorator Gary Hamer.


Traditionally a natural wood grain is popular for parquetry designs. However; the popularisation of laminate and vibrant stains mean the creative options surrounding parquetry have intensified. Both furniture and flooring can be colour customised with paint, stains and different kinds of wood. 


Perhaps the most desirable and unique feature of parquetry is its vast design possibilities. Parquetry allows you to incorporate perceived texture, shapes and interest into your space; and gives you the power to make it as subtle or stand out as you please. 

In both flooring and furniture, there are many pattern options for the parquetry style including; herringbone, chevron, checkerboard, mosaic and the double weave. A skilled parquetry installer can work with you to customise the pattern so it best compliments your space.


The Resurgence of Parquetry Flooring 

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Perceived Texture: 

A huge bonus of parquetry is the ability to add texture to your space without actually adding texture. Because of parquetry’s optical illusion style design, you can add depth and interest to your space; while keeping your surfaces sleek. 


“I find the clients I work with that have parquetry flooring in their home have so much freedom with their design options” observes the upholsterers from Pete’s Upholstery and Trimming, “They can either let the parquetry shine and go for more minimal finishes or they go completely wild because parquetry is so versatile”.

The Resurgence of Parquetry Flooring Photo by Quality Timber Flooring 


An amazing feature of parquetry is the several finish options available; that allows it to be incorporated into virtually any space. You can leave parquetry raw to give your furniture or flooring a more rustic look; or apply a high gloss lacquer to give your space a modernised, polished finish.

“A bonus of applying a finish to your parquetry floors is it gives you an added layer of defense and can protect your floors from stains, scuffs, scratches and even odour” notes the parquetry experts from Quality Timber Flooring.

Photo by Quality Timber Flooring 


An awesome bonus of choosing parquetry in your home is the ability to be sustainable. Because parquetry is made up of a bunch of small cuts of wood you can use a variety of off-cuts or repurposed timber to create flooring and furniture that is unique and environmentally friendly. 

“Not only are you helping the environment by choosing parquetry, but you can also save a heap of money and get a floor that no one else will have,” explains the environmental experts from Buy Ecowise.

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