The Right Carpet Cleaning Deals and Methods For Your Carpet

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The Right Carpet Cleaning Deals and Methods For Your Carpet

Commercial carpets do not seem to get as much attention as home carpets do. More often than not, many people would consider commercial carpet cleaning as a simple factor. It’s as if commercial carpets are not treated in the same worthiness of home carpets. Since commercial carpets might be bigger in size that home carpets, it can be more expensive to be maintained. This is why it is a disadvantage for establishment owners to have little knowledge of their commercial carpets. The maintenance for commercial carpets can be expensive but there are carpet cleaning deals around that you can avail. Know the right carpet cleaning deals and methods for your carpet.

Commercial carpet cleaning

The key to a successful commercial carpet cleaning is to thoroughly know your carpet. Once you are able to get to know the type of commercial carpet that your office may have, you can identify which type of maintenance will be more effective in restoring and making your carpets look new. Identifying the type of fibre or material of your carpets can help you determine the best type of cleaning you might need. This would also help you find the best carpet cleaning deals available since you already have an idea about your carpet’s problems.

By knowing the type of commercial carpet you have, you will be able to appropriately choose the right cleaning process for it. The first factor that you need to know about your carpets would be its backing. The backing of a carpet is its underside. The next thing you need to know would be how your carpet is attached to the floor. Find out the yarn and fibres that are used on your carpet. Once you know these things, you can apply the right maintenance to your carpets without damaging it. You can also perform personal cleaning by extending your carpet’s life by applying the right amount of water and solution. Many commercial carpet cleaning contractors agree that the more water used to clean the carpets can help in thoroughly cleaning the carpets. The water is used to flush the dirt and carry it away from the carpet material.

Some cleaning methods use a huge amount of water and a high-pressure system to clean commercial carpets. The water is placed in a high-pressure system that would go deeper into the carpet fibres and flush out stubborn carpet dirt. However, the water must be completely dried out once the cleaning procedure is done. If any moisture is left on your carpets, it can develop into mould. Depending on the material, your carpets can also be damaged with the adhesive’s strength being lessened by the leftover moisture.

Types of Carpet Backing

The carpet backing serves as the layer between the carpet material and the floor. There are multiple types of backing but the main categories are called impermeable and permeable. A permeable backing would allow water to flow from the backing to the floor. In commercial situations, a permeable backing has a carpet that is directly glued to the floor. Over-wetting the carpet which leads the water to reach the floor may result in long drying periods. The wick can be stained as the wet carpet will soak up the minerals coming from the concrete. The permeable adhesives are soluble which means that water will dissolve it.

On the other hand, an impermeable backing will not allow the water to reach the sub-floor. This means that the water will not affect the carpet’s adhesive. Having an impermeable backing would mean that the carpet will be drying a lot faster compared to a permeable carpet.

Types of Face Yarn Used For Commercial Carpets

The loop pile carpet is made of fibres that have a closed loop that is tightly woven. This provides lesser places for dirt to get accumulated in or allows water to get soaked in. A cut pile carpet uses an open face yarn that utilizes individual threads. Since the carpet fibres for a cut pile are looser, dirt can accumulate in multiple places.

Types of Carpet Fiber

The two main types of carpet fibres are Olefin and Nylon. Both types of fibres do not absorb water. However, you need to watch out with the dose of chemicals used to clean these fibre types. Harsh solutions can lift the colour dye from the nylon which will lead to the carpet’s faded colour. Another type of carpet fibre is called wool. It is a natural fibre that holds more water which means that this type of carpet would need a longer drying period to completely get rid of moisture.

Getting to know the basics of your carpets’ components will help you identify which cleaning procedure will be helpful. Always inquire for carpet cleaning deals when hiring a contractor to get the most affordable cost you can get when maintaining your carpets.


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