The Two Categories of Motorhome Services Explained

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The Two Categories of Motorhome Services Explained

There’s a significant buzz amongst eager motor-homers about habitation and mechanical services. What are they, and how are they different? Naturally, habitation leads you to believe that it’s related to home or living – and that’s true. While habitation services target the home living aspects of your vehicle, mechanical motorhome services aim to detect and fix issues with the engine, tires, braking, and other mechanical components. Here is a brief explanation of both categories – the two categories of motorhome services explained.

Motorhome Habitation Services

A motorhome habitation service is essential for the functionality of your mobile home life, and also your own comfort. You can opt for a habitation service at any time of the year, as long as you get it done once every year. The best time to get a complete habitation check and service is winter. Service centres have relatively fewer customers then, compared to the summer season. Usually, a motorhome habitation service takes around three hours.

What Is Included In A Habitation Service?

A motorhome habitation service will vary depending on the motorhome services company you choose. Every company provides separate packages depending on the type of service you need. Generally, a habitation service will consist of the following:

  • Water system checks
  • Damp check
  • Gas safety inspection
  • Gas pressure checks
  • Appliance checks
  • Electrical system tests

A few minor habitation checks might include:

  • Door and window checks
  • Functionality of locks
  • Blind operation

The Benefits Of A Habitation Service

There are countless benefits of getting a habitation service for your motorhome. Some of them are:

  • A habitation service helps retain your vehicle’s value. With a full-service record, you’ll attract more buyers when you plan on selling it.
  • The habitation checking procedure reveals the actual condition of your living space.
  • You’ll be able to identify minor issues and fix them before they turn into very costly repairs.
  • A habitation check highlights any safety hazards and allows you to fix them immediately.
  • It improves your motorhome’s indoor space.
  • Highly professional habitation motorhome services will reassure you that living conditions are optimal.
  • The majority of new motorhomes need a habitation service for keeping warranties valid.

Mechanical Motorhome Services

Mechanical motorhome services are the maintenance or repair tasks that auto mechanics carry out on the vehicle’s mechanical parts. These include all components related to the engine or your motorhome chassis.

It’s a good idea to get regular motorhome servicing done – every two years at least. Your motorhome can also require servicing after every 30 thousand miles.  You should find a well-known caravan repair company to ensure your mechanical system is safe.

The main elements of mechanical motorhome servicing include:

  • Oil and filter change
  • Lubricant check
  • Coolant level check
  • Chassis lubrication
  • Fuel filter check
  • Air filter check
  • Brake checks
  • Tire inspection

Thorough motorhome services might also include checks for the torque wheel nuts, air dryer, hydraulic filter, coolant filter, and more. Apart from regular servicing, your motorhome can require mechanical repairs. Collision damage, wear and tear, prolonged water and moisture exposure, or harsh weather conditions can wreck the mechanical parts or body of your vehicle. For such problems, you will need to visit a caravan repair company as soon as possible.

Find A Reliable Caravan Repair Company

Both types of caravan services we mention above require expert technicians. If your caravan needs mechanical servicing or repairs, find a reliable caravan repair company. On the other hand, for habitation services, you can search motorhome companies in your area. Opt for a dependable service such as all brands to ensure all electrical systems in your mobile-home work faultlessly.

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