Things to keep in mind before buying an awning

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Things to keep in mind before buying an awning

There is nothing as enjoyable and blissful as having good times with your family members and friends; in your patio or deck while enjoying beverages and snacks and talking for hours. However, as summer strikes, the number of meetings dramatically decreases as scorching heat might not give you the liberty to sit in your patio or deck. However, installing an outdoor awning can address this problem permanently. Yes, awnings are best to cover patios and decks and they rightfully serve the core purpose. Also, they are available in various sizes, designs and colours. Things to keep in mind before buying an awning.

About Awnings 

An awning is a sheet of cloth or canvas or other material which is stretched on a frame to keep the sun or rain off a patio or window or doorway. It is attached mostly to the exterior side of the home and quite excellently, they keep the heat and rain away. You can dine together with your friends and family even during the rainy season. In addition to that, awnings can also make your overall exterior space more attractive and vibrant. Homes with deducted exterior awnings are considered more valuable. 

Types of Awnings 

When it comes to different types of awnings, there are many options you have such as retractable folding arm awnings, automatic awnings, fixed guide awnings, verandah awnings, straight drop awnings, drop arm awnings, and freestanding awnings. However, the most preferred awning type across the globe is retractable folding arm awnings for patios and decks. They are mounted to a wall and then stretched to cover the patio or deck. It is a type of roofing with an advantage that you can get rid of it when you don’t want to use it. They can be safely retracted away when not in the use. 

In retractable awnings too, there are mainly two types 

1. Manual awnings

2. Motorised awnings 

Manual Awnings 

Manual awnings can be hand-handled open and close and if you are not looking for any special features and want to address just a roof and temperature issue, a manually folding arm awning is a perfect option for you. 

Motorised Awnings 

Motorised awnings were introduced later and since then, innovations have completely changed them with new, attractive features. This modern motorised folding arm awning has sensors that automatically opens or closes the awning depending on weather conditions. Rain and wind sensors can also close the awning automatically when it starts raining or winding. Also, these awnings are weather-resistant too. 

Types of Fabrics Used in the Awning 

When you go to the market to purchase awnings, you will find a wide range of awnings with different fabrics such as vinyl and polyester composite awnings, acrylic awnings, metal awnings, wood and canvas awnings. However, acrylic awnings are considered the best for patios and decks as they are highly durable, and offer an appealing design element. Also, they are resistant to mildew and ultraviolet light wear and tear. The cost of folding arm awnings might cost you depending on the type of fabric used in it. 

Types of Fasteners Used for Installation 

You need to ensure the fasteners they are using for the installation to support the awning handsomely. The best screws for awning installation is a minimum of 3/8″ wide shady lag screws that will be perfect to withhold the pressure. 

Choosing the right outdoor awning for your patio or deck is very crucial to keep the exterior environment live and vibrant even in monsoons and summers. The expected life of these retractable awnings is of 10-12 years while maintaining them properly. Choose wisely and have a sparkling new space in your exterior to chill and relax. 

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