Top cities with the highest rated hotels

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Top cities with the highest rated hotels

Which cities around the world have the highest rated hotels? We all know how important it is to book the right hotel for an enjoyable holiday. With so many hotels to choose it becomes nearly impossible to know you are making the right choice. To help you make the best selection of hotel, an online travel and leisure retailer, Lastminute,  published a unique set of its own data that reveals the top cities with the highest rated hotels in the world according to customer reviews. After analysing thousands of customer’s reviews, they found which cities from around the world have the highest rated hotels.

This research brought to light an interesting insight. That the best-rated hotel experiences aren’t necessarily found in the most visited cities, as travellers tend to expect. This trend is a sign that popular destinations need to up their game if they want to keep up visitors’ expectations.

The research also provided data on the best time of the year to go and visit the cities with highest hotel rankings. As well as top attractions for each of them.

Cape Town is the only city to take the top spot for both popularity and hotel experience. While South America has the highest number of cities that appear in both categories including Bogota, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires. Some other cities that performed well in both categories include Abu Dhabi, Boston, Chicago and Kyoto.

Check out below which other hotels and in which country made the list:

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