Ultimate gift ideas from Morocco

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Ultimate gift ideas from Morocco

Welcome to the world of landscapes, nature and the best souvenirs to take back home as memories. Morocco is a land of very vibrant culture, traditions, contrasts, and colours. Tourism in Morocco brims with a lot of enthralling opportunities with a very special aspect of its souvenirs.












I brought a bulk of things for my relatives and friends from Morocco. What options you have there to shop in Morocco for your friends and family is my topic today. Your decision to tour Morocco would be the lucky one if you have opted to go for, or even thinking too.

What to buy in Morocco for family and friends?

You are in Morocco for touring and gathering pleasures for you and your family, but it is also important to think of your loved ones expecting from you at the end of your trip. What you can bring back from Morocco is a very long list. You have a variety of hand made Bread Baskets to the wall art, clothes and leather bags. Here is what can you buy from Morocco.

Go to try the Lether Products in Morocco

In winter, I always go for leather jackets in London but where to find the perfect and original leather was a question mark for me. When I tried Moroccan leather, my perspective of leather has just changed and my recommendations for my friends and readers are to try Moroccan leather at once. My guide told me about the special traditional treatment of the leather in Morocco, on my satisfaction I bought leather products in Morocco and they are so reliable. If you are in Morocco, don’t miss to shop the wallets, jackets, handbags and if you need slippers made of pure leather, strange? Yes, it should be. Moroccan leather is my first choice and recommendation for travellers first time visiting the holiday destination and want to bring back something for their loved ones. The best places to buy such products are Fez and Marrakech.

Ultimate gift ideas from Morocco

Lanterns Can Be a Great Gift idea

It can be for your home, or to gift a friend. Lanterns of Morocco is a traditional thing you should grab for and bring back great Moroccan memories with you. The beautifully manufactured lanterns will be available in markets of Marrakech, remember you will opt for the lightweight lanterns because you will not be allowing extra load in an aeroplane. I got three lanterns, one for my living room and two for my friends. It is such a beautiful present if you want to gift somebody with. Yes if you want to get the heavyweight lanterns, there would be a cargo service on the airport you can deal with for the parcel. Bigger lanterns are so beautiful if they reach your home safely.

I Got Attracted by Colored Teacups

I had a lot of mint tea in Morocco. But literally, I enjoyed the black tea mixed with the milk in Pakistan, that was amazing. I got the recipe to make a tea in traditionally Pakistani style. In Morocco, I got attracted by the colourful cups of tea standing on the pottery shop somewhere near the Medina of Marrakech. I bought a tea set from there without any delay. There would be tea sets of many designs and colours to choose from, get the one and it would be remembered every evening when you with your family sit to have tea together.

Ultimate gift ideas from Morocco

Don’t Miss the Moroccan Pastries

This was difficult for me to remember the names of the bakery items, I asked and named the items on the packing of the items. It was an amazing experience to bring back some pastry items to my home. We used those items at least for a month and they did not spoil soon. You should try the pastries of Morocco, they make them including all the pure ingredients. Note the names and try these in Morocco, bring back those which you like to bring. The famous pastries are Harcha, Baghrir, Batbout, etc.

Djellabas for Men and Women

Djellaba is a traditional dress of Morocco and it is for both men and women. It is a long dress that comes in many colours and designs for women and in white, blue, black for men. It would be a great present from you to your friends. Traditional things really matter and Djellabba will give you the authentic memories of your very memorable trip to Morocco.

Multicolor Babouche

There is a special Moroccan slipper called Babouche in French. People use to wear it normally, and when in Morocco, try to wear it like locals. If you like the feel to wear slippers, you should take different colourful pairs of babouche for your friends too. It is not so costly but can impact quite good. So bring them along.

There are plenty of other things Morocco offers you during your trip. It was just a glimpse to guide you about the things Morocco offers. Have a safe and pleasant journey!

Featured photo by Kyriacos Georgiou on Unsplash

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