7 best beaches to party in your 20’s

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7 best beaches to party in your 20’s

There is nothing as thrilling as attending beach parties in your youthful days. Even though most beach parties are fun, some are ecstatic. It usually depends on the location of the beach and the vibe you get from the people around. Those two factors are enough to see you have a great time. The world has so many beaches, and nearly all of them throw either private or public parties. It is thus hard for you to know which beach is excellent and which one is not. But worry not, here is a list of some of the best beaches to party in your 20’s.


Cala Jondal in Ibiza

Every beach party enthusiast can testify how legendary Cala Jondal Beach is. The place is a party haven with a huge number of foreigners visiting to confirm if the beach is as great as they advertise. Here you get to find all sorts of entertainment joints with loud music, great liquor, and skilful DJs. Ibiza offers nightlife like no other, and once you get to the beach, you get to understand why it is famous. The place is also one of the headquarters of UNESCO. It means during the day, you can visit some of those breathtaking historical sites. Cala Jondal offers one of the best beach parties in the world.

Mykonos beach in Greece


Mykonos in Greece is one of the most diverse beaches in the world. The place is where great beach parties occur. There are hotels around the beach that are very popular for delectable Mediterranean cuisines, as well as fresh cocktails and drinks. The place is also ever full of people from all over the world. Something you don’t know about the Mykonos beach in Greece is that on its right, there is a nude beach. That means people go topless and enjoy the hot sun. It is one place that you get to enjoy the party and leave smiling. Everything about Mykonos is excellent, including the locals and the music they play at the party.

Gordon Beach in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is one of the most popular cities in Israel with a mixture of cultures, making it great. If you take a closer look at your map, you can see that Israel borders the Mediterranean Sea. One of those places it touches the waters has a fantastic beach, the Gordon beach. This is not just a beach but a great party location. It has a reputation for attracting hipsters and hippies who party like there is no tomorrow. At the Gordon beach, you also get to meet different people and enjoy great music. From the beach, you can access some of the best nightclubs and restaurants with delicious foods. It is one of those places that you can never tire visiting.

Khon Pangan in Thailand


Khon Pangan is a hub spot for parties. The beach is significant with some of the best beach parties on the planet. There are days when people relax and enjoy the sun while others play around the water. There are, however, nights where music booms making the place both live and interactive. During the full moon party, things tend to go up a notch with so many tourists turning up to enjoy everything the beach has to offer. It is a night that people enjoy liquor and have a dance to great R&B and house music. During this time, people tend to flow with the beat as they enjoy each other’s company.

Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro

There is no way you can make a list of the liveliest beach parties in the world without including Copacabana Beach parties in Rio de Janeiro. The beach is both extensive and fabulous, with many pubs and restaurants. The place has not only incredible beach parties but also several festivities. If you combine the party spirit of Brazilians with a beautiful beach that has loud music, you get a live party that no one can resist. Among the main thing you do is beer binging and socializing as you dance to the fantastic South American tunes. At Copacabana, everything is incredible.

Montanita in Ecuador


Beach parties at Montanita are legendary. It is one place where you don’t have to worry about restrictive laws like smoking of marijuana. You also get to meet the best surfers in Ecuador. During the day, Montanita is a surfing complex, and at night, it transforms into an open-air night club with music, liquor and many other things that you need to keep the party going. It is also one of the few beaches that hold full moon parties. It is one of the events you should not miss. This is because of the number of people double or triple, making Montanita exciting. There are also world-class DJs whose work is to spin records and make sure not only your heads are dancing to the tune.

Cancun in Mexico


Whenever someone mentions Cancun, the first thing that comes in everyone’s mind is its lively atmosphere. The beach is a fantastic party sport with many entertainers ready to make the night excellent. It is also one of those beaches that have white sand and a blue backdrop making it incredible for parties. As long as you are 18 and over, the law allows you to party like an adult. It makes Cancun the coolest place on the planet. You get to listen to Mexican tunes all night and enjoy a bit of salsa, although this depends on the DJs selection. Everything else is perfect with friendly Mexicans ready to make your night lovelier.

There is no better place to go for beach parties than the locations above. They are not only famous for the event but also excellent at ensuring everyone enjoys maximally. The beauty of most of the places is that they have full moon parties where a huge number of people attend, making the beach parties fantastic. All you have to do is decide which beach party best suits your style, pick up your carte a gratter and start scratching off the awesome party places that you visit.

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