Watch This Mesmerising Worldwide Drone Video

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Watch This Mesmerising Worldwide Drone VideoWatch This Mesmerising Worldwide Drone Video

Want a video that will take your mind off things for at least six minutes? Christian Grewe, has made a calming video spanning 12 countries with emotive music to take you to the places you want to go….

It chronicles a mix of travel experiences filmed over 7 months of several different trips, one around the world, one to South Asia and some short trips around Europe.

Travel along with Christian Grewe’s majestic video entitled AirTime. Admire picturesque locales, stunning and endless stretches of beaches, temples, cities, deserts, mountain ranges and hypnotic sunrises.

Let your mind travel with these images and music that creates the right space for total relaxation and wonder.

Warning you might have the uncontrollable urge to grab your passport. The impulse is irresistible, meanwhile as you get your fiances sorted and find enough time maybe watching this video should fix your travel bug for now.

Let this video give you a small glimpse at the beauty and the possibility out there. Our planet is truly beautiful. Maybe while you watch this incredible video compilation you’ll let go and feel like you are in a lucid dream quenching that lustful thirst for travel, adventure, exploration and excitement.


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