How to Wear a Bralette for Everyday Style

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How to Wear a Bralette for Everyday Style

Bralettes bring together functional support with stunning style to create a beautiful, fun and even elegant look.

Never thought wearing your bra as a top could be elegant? 

Then you’ve never seen – or worn – a bralette. Bralettes are bras that don’t feature moulded cups or underwire, giving them a delicate, and utterly feminine look. And like all things feminine, they are also capable of being bold and fearless, depending on their colour, material, and how they are styled. Most often, they are made of lace, but they can also be made of silk, satin, and blends.

Due to their relatively unstructured nature, these are not bras that will give a ton of support (so don’t wear one to your boot camp class), but for general everyday wear, they can offer undeniable style and sophistication to almost any look.

Here are five amazing ways to rock your bralette with confidence.

1) Over A Tee

girl wearing bralette over t-shirt

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Shake off any visions of the Material Girl and let a new look gel: wearing a bralette over a crew-neck tee is a great way to add some fearless funk to your look. Be sure your tee does feature a higher neckline, though, to keep the look balanced. Picture a satin violet bralette over a navy blue tee, or – for a less bold look – a black lace bralette over a white tee. Paired with shorts, jeans, or a pencil skirt, this is a combo that will inspire awe, without the shock.

2) Under a Vest

Under a vest

photo credit: Pinterest

Vests are in, and what better way to play up this trend than pairing it with another? You can really have fun with colour and texture here- just make sure the vest has a low neckline so you can see a least a bit of bralette.  A white bralette under a faux-fur vest looks stunning, and a hot pink bralette peeking out from under a leather vest is playful and fierce.

3) Under a Blazer or Jean Jacket

Under a Blazer or Jean Jacket

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Unlike with a vest, when you wear your bralette under your blazer or jean jacket, you’ll likely be showing a little more skin. How much, exactly, will depend on the length of your bralette; some can come down to your belly button, and some stop mid-rib cage. Regardless, wearing a bralette under an open or closed blazer is a fearless, chic look that can go from a day or night on the town easily and seamlessly.

4) Over or Under a Blouse

Over or Under a Blouse

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Your classic button up blouse just got a little more attitude thanks to the bralette. Simply put it on over your blouse, or – especially if you have a sheer blouse – on it underneath. While wearing nothing but a normal bra under a translucent top can border on scandalous in certain situations, a bralette can pull it off since, despite its dainty nature, it actually provides more coverage.

5) Under a Knit Sweater

Under a Knit Sweater

Photo credit: Pinterest

We’ve been seeing a lot of loose and lovely knit sweaters this season – sweaters that look stunningly sexy and elegant shrugged on over a bralette. The look works particularly well when the knit itself is a loser, since the bralette is more visible. However, a sweater that falls off one shoulder, or has a plunging neckline can feature this piece of beautiful lingerie, too, so don’t feel too confined: just make sure to show it off!

That’s half the fun of wearing a bralette, after all: letting people see it (or at least some of it). How much you want to show and how exactly you want to wear it will depend on your own comfort level and personal sense of style, but here are five fantastic ways to get you started.


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