Why Is Live Chat Indispensable for Your Business?

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Why Is Live Chat Indispensable for Your Business?

In general, calling customer service executives and talking to them has become a challenge. Usually, customers have to wait in a queue for a long time holding the phone to get connected with the customer rep — this is not only time-consuming but also expensive as their phone minutes roll-on.

Today, businesses have a hassle-free option to deal with this problem — Live Chat! It provides many benefits over conventional customer-service methods and can make the difference between a frustrated and delighted customer.

Let us glance at some significant benefits that live chat can provide to your business.

It Works Faster

Compared to the contacting customer service via phone, live chat service connects the customer with a live agent much faster. The customer does not like to hear the auto-recorded voice that says: you are our valuable customer; you are in the call queue at 99th position. The customer will be delighted when he or she can connect to a customer service agent quicker without any waiting period.

Extended Customer Service Hours

Usually, customer service centres are open during day time only for a specific duration, and then they close for the day. However, with live chat, this is not the case, as some agents are assigned to attend customer queries after-hours service, which gives more flexibility to customers to obtain help. When customers know that they can connect you at any time — is indeed very comforting, as it assures that they don’t have to wait for hours or even days to get an issue solved.

Customers Prefer Chat Option

Many youngsters don’t like to phone; some others don’t have the time to call the customer service and then wait for a long time. There are several messaging apps available like Whats-App, Facebook Messenger, etc. that have made texting each other effortlessly. It is simple to text messages and then forget about it, once the reply comes in, you can have a look at it and take the desired action.

Live chat offers customers a simple alternative to a phone that lets them communicate with you in a way they are most comfortable.

Chat is Inexpensive for the Customer

Many people may have limited call minutes on their phone plan, and it may cost them dearly if they have to wait for a long time.

If customers can solve their queries or problems without using their phones, then it will go a long way in building an excellent relationship with them.

Speedier Solution for the Problems

The regular customer service representative will have to walk you through the steps in fixing the issue or troubleshooting. If the problem persists after the first attempt, then he will have to walk you through the alternative methods. All this can be time-consuming and will add up to your phone minutes.

However, a customer service representative can share a link for the correct solution through live chat. It not only results in a faster solution to problems at hand but also delights customers.

It is Efficient for Your Business

Setting up and operating call centres is pricier, as the business will have to buy phones for every customer service representative, handle the call routing software and have a system in place for recording all the calls that are coming in and going out. The bill you obtain from the phone company alone will be substantial.

Conversely, live chat only needs software to be installed on the workstations of your agents that can be effortlessly maintained.

Boost Sales

Using live chat can boost sales by over 19% as per a recent finding of the American marketing association. It could indicate a substantial amount of revenue for a company.

Live chat software can initiate chats with potential customers per their behaviour on the site. For instance, if a probable customer visits a pricing page, a chat bubble or pop up will appear with a representative photo saying: how can I help you? This simple action can strikingly convert potential leads and boost sales.

Final Thoughts!

Your business must take advantage of live chat! It will reduce the inconveniences of you and the customer, delight your customers, cost-effective and boost sales for your business. Live chat is a modern way to service customers — if you want to have an edge in today’s competitive world, then live chat is the way to go!


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