10 Unusual Restaurant Around The World

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10 Unusual Restaurant Around The World

Who said your dinner has to be boring?

There are many reasons people go to restaurants, from romantic dinning, celebrating special occasions, to enjoy delicious food and great atmosphere.  However, these are not the only reasons people go to restaurant you’d be surprised. Some people are thrill seekers who want unique, unusual, wacky and crazy restaurants.

What follows is a a five minute video with the world’s 10 unusual restaurants around the world. Where you will see unusual restaurants where food is not necessarily the most important aspect of the night out.

In these 10 restaurants not only will feed your appetite but indulge your other senses. Get ready to learn about the 10 of the most unusual restaurants ever, from naked sushi to eating dinner in a graveyard.

From a restaurant that allow diners to eat naked, to another, that serves its meals in toilets! A restaurant where you dine in the dark. Have you ever wondered how it would be like not to be able to see your food and use only your taste, smell and touch to identify the dish?

Dining is deemed to be one of the highlight of anyone’s life. If you want to double or triple the fun of your dining experience, you should try these unique restaurants.

Would you have the nerve to book your table at any of these restaurants? Watch 10 Most Unusual Restaurants In The World.  When you plan your next trip abroad maybe you should endeavour or challenge yourself to one of these unique experience.


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