Puppy Awareness Week

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Puppy Awareness Week

The Kennel Club’s Puppy Awareness Week begins today  “to make sure that puppies live healthy, happy lives with suitable owners”.

Too many dogs end up in rescue homes due to wrong decisions and disreputable, unethical breeders. The Puppy Awareness Week (PAW) aims to help ensure that a dog  lives a healthy, happy lives with suitable owners.

Being puppy aware involves making sure you know which dog and breed is right for your lifestyle so that you can care for it for life, and making sure you distinguish unethical breeders from responsible one.

This is a good video to watch before you let that impulse take you to a pet shop without much preparation. Watch and listen to expert advice to buying a pet best suited for you: Do’s and don’ts of buying a puppy.

PAW aims to discourage the purchase of dogs from unethical puppy farmers, who operate without health tests, injections or proper care, causing problems for both dogs and owners. Buying a puppy or any pet should be done responsibly and with knowledge that you are buying a pet and friend for its lifetime.

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