12 Warning Signs You’re Heading For a Breakup

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12 Warning Signs You’re Heading For a Breakup

Breakups suck, I know… I’ve been through it.
If your partner does any of the following things, there’s a good chance that she is thinking about leaving you. Sadly, there’s also a chance she may be thinking about having (or is already having) an affair:

  1. Mentally checks out (doesn’t seem to pay attention to you anymore)
  2. Criticises and puts you down for being emotional or for overreacting
  3. Stops putting time in with you (or the kids)
  4. Becomes intensely private
  5. Starts hanging out with a new crowd (without you)
  6. Gets annoyed when you express loneliness, having feelings of rejection or when you ask questions like, “Is something wrong?”
  7. Has a drastic change in taste (food, music, films, etc.)
  8. Doesn’t compliment you anymore or offer words of encouragement or love
  9. Stops smiling with you but smile and laughs a lot with friends
  10. Finds reasons to complain about your affections (you kiss too hard, hug too tight, sleep too close, etc.)
  11. Feels like a stranger and both physically and emotionally withdraws from the relationship
  12. And — the big one — expresses a need for space when confronted about these sudden dramatic changes

Now, before you go running off with accusations after having read that last sentence, cool off and read on. It’s easy to get angry, play the blame game and yell, but the important thing to remember is that anyone who chooses to end a relationship this way is dealing with a lot of very complex emotions, too.
So, before you attempt to have a conversation with your partner, consider the following strategies when dealing with a breakup.


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