5 Easy Steps to create an SEO-friendly WordPress website

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5 Easy Steps to create an SEO-friendly WordPress website

WordPress is a content management system, that allows users to create and control their websites. Users can submit photos, videos, text, and links, and create web pages using the WordPress web development services platform.

If you’re looking for easy-to-use, hassle-free web hosting that integrates software updates with a managed server, WordPress hosting is the best bet.

What is an SEO?

Search engines such as Google and Bing use robots to access pages on a website, move them around sites, and collect and index information about those pages. Think of a ladder-based library that can help WordPress service provider libraries pull out web pages and find exactly what they’re looking for in time.

Next, the algorithm analyzes the pages in the metric, and determines hundreds of ranking points or symbols, to determine the order in which the pages should appear in the currency of question-related searches.

It easily accesses your site, loads quickly, and focuses on the information below for design and manufacturing documentation.

Crawlability – The goal is to allow users to access all content on a page in a timely manner. This includes eliminating issues such as heavy text and unrecognized content such as PDFs.

Speed – The goal is to ensure that pages load quickly on every device so users can stay on your site. Google has loading pages of WordPress design and development services that you can use to measure your location speed.

Site Structure – This includes designing the structure and setting up your content in action.

Get your SEO Base

Domains – There are keywords in your SEO title, but according to Matt Cutts, it’s a good idea to choose something your target audience can. More people will remember, trust, connect, and more on your site.

Hosting – Space, speed, availability, and security all affect SEO, and hosting is the best place to start. It uses the SiteGround partial plan for GoGeek but also offers other shared hosting options.

Theme – ​​ custom WordPress development company themes are more SEO friendly than others because content affects site speed, security, rich support, and other SEO.

Advantage of the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO provides many tools and features to improve your SEO. some features impact the SEO of your whole site. Other features help you optimize an advertiser and page for custom WordPress web design search engines.

Yoast truly believes in the concept of “SEO for everyone”, so you can access all the most important SEO tools through our free Yoast SEO plugin. But if you want to improve your SEO, upgrade to Yoast SEO Premium. Lots of cool SEO features.

Integration-related content

 We talked about setting up Yoast. I’ve already written a general how-to article, so I can easily link to that sentence. This will help readers find more information about Yoast. At the same time, it creates links to articles that will improve your SEO. Linking pages/ads like this is the easiest way to build natural links.

Customizable page titles and meta tags with SEO plugin

WordPress uses page or title descriptions as HTML page titles to complement values ​​and does not interfere with descriptions or meta content. There are a few other plugins that can custom WordPress development services to help you fix these tags, like the Yoast plugin, but I like the simplicity of the All In One SEO Package plugin.

Once you have configured the All in One SEO Pack plugin, you will be redirected to the administration page. It will easily alert you if you haven’t configured the configuration yet.

Open the plugin. Go to the title page which cannot be denied. Create appropriate pages using keywords and keep them under 50 characters. Google truncates anything longer than 50 characters.

Enter the media meta description. This is your chance to get people to click on your search results more than anyone on the SERP. 50 or more and less than 146 characters is fine.

Write down your target keywords. Google has publicly stated that it ignores this form, but Yahoo still uses it like any other search engine.

Google Analytics for WordPress

There are many ways to add Google Analytics website tracking numbers to your website. Personally, I like Google Analytics for WordPress plugins because of the ability to bypass the admin.

Setting this option allows administrators to operate the site without compromising data.


This WordPress site development guide is just a dig. There are hundreds of great plugins to leverage your site. Additionally, every website is unique and will require a different SEO strategy.

If you want to create a new SEO-friendly website, then contact 8therate. It’s Custom Web Application Development.


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