5 Trends for Sustainable Luxury Homes in 2018

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5 Trends for Sustainable Luxury Homes in 2018

Living in a luxury home isn’t all about enjoying the vastness of space around you. It’s also about trying to introduce a few innovations every now and then. These can make your home more enjoyable and turn it into something the entire neighbourhood will notice. Do you wish to make a real difference and become more sustainable and eco-friendly? Here are 5 trends for sustainable luxury homes in 2018, you’ll need to follow next year.

Solar and wind power

This is the oldest trick in the big book of sustainability. Something you definitely need to look into if you want to achieve the highest level of eco-friendliness. Installing solar panels and wind turbines isn’t for everyone. These will make your home greener and more appealing at the same time! 

LED lighting

Family & Dinning area with glass table and leather chairs

Choosing Led lighting is another easy way to enhance the sustainability of your home and add some class to it as well. LED light bulbs are better than standard ones although they cost more, in the beginning, they’re more efficient and cost-effective in the long run. What’s more, they come in all shapes and sizes, so they’ll surely make your home more interesting, especially if you opt for unusual and futuristic LED lamps.

Energy-efficient design

Now, if you really want to make a difference in the world, you need to opt for energy-efficiency right from the start. Of course, adding green features to an existing property is quite all right, but starting from scratch and making sure every part of your home is sustainable is definitely much better. So, explore things like advanced house framing, cool roofs and passive homes that offer a higher level of sustainability than your ordinary houses. The effectiveness of these designs has been recognized by more and more Australians who have been getting into energy-efficient homes lately and often rely on experienced Melbourne architects who provide them high quality green designs. This is an idea you might want to explore as well.

Green roofs

If you have a big house with an even bigger roof, why not use it for something good? This space is often unused, yet it’s full of potential, so consider turning it into a green roof – this is something you can do on your own in a matter of hours and then wait for the fruit of your labour to surprise you and your neighbourhood. A green roof won’t just make your house stand out, but it will also add to its overall sustainability, so it’s a double win.

Green walls

green house walls for sustainable energy


Speaking of huge surfaces covered with grass, plants, herbs and flowers, there’s another thing you can do. Turning one of the walls of your living room into a vertical garden you’ll appreciate more day after day. And if you’re living in a house with high ceilings, even better, your green wall is going to be bigger than ever! Such a wall is basically a mixture of several elements incorporated into one cohesive design.  Its benefits range from reducing pollution and limiting the outside noise to improving the indoor air quality. And releasing a pleasant smell into your home.

Some of the other ways you can make your luxury home more sustainable include; upgrading insulation, installing low-flow faucets, opting for double-glazed windows and controlling your water consumption, so explore these today!

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