5 types of sex you experience in a long term relationship

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5 types of sex you experience in a long term relationship

Sex in a long term relationship is great. All right then, once in a while it might be awful but generally better and more satisfying than any one night stand could ever be. As you evolve and grow together so does your sex. There are many types of sex you can have in a long term relationship. Following are 5 types of sex you experience in a long relationship.

Make up sex

The guaranteed of healing an angry heart is to get on between the sheets. It speaks louder than the words sorry alone. When you’re in a long term relationship you know that you have to show as well as say the words. Good thing is that you both end up wondering what in the world you were fighting about to start with, that is if the sex was out of this world of course.

Reunited sex

Through a long term relationship at least one of you will have to travel alone. The enduring pain of missing each other is well worth it as the sex will be explosive.

Tipsy sex

Tipsy sex is more adventurous and experimental. You can do and say things to each other that in the morning it’ll all be a blur.

Experimental sex

On the experimental note, when you with each other a while things can get a bit ‘boring’ and you need to try new things from time to time. Routine could kill all the fun and translate into boredom and frustration when it comes to sex.  Try to change place, time, positions and who initiates things and yes try toys and outdoor sex or spanking why not, keep things fresh and interesting.

Wild sex

Wild sex really truly happens when you can let yourself go. To be able to let go you need to feel comfortable with the other person and this only happens when you know someone really well. This is the very reason why long term relationships are way better than one night stands as you have wild, carefree sex and enjoy it.


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