6 Things To Do With Your Ex’s Stuff After The Breakup

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6 Things To Do With Your Ex’s Stuff After The Breakup

Finding things to do with your ex’s stuff after a breakup is hard. Just looking at their stuff after a breakup can be hurtful. It probably brings back a ton of memories, which make it difficult to deal with decision making.

Breaking up is hard enough without having to deal with their stuff after a breakup. Clarity of mind is not at it’s best when you are feeling hurt and upset.

So you don’t have to think about it here are the top 6 things that you can actually do with their stuff after you two breakup. It doesn’t always have to be burned or tarnished in a revenge style breakup burst! There are smart and better ways to move on and turn some of things to your advantage. It’s also one of the best ways to get over a breakup too.
1. Offer to Give It Back

As hard as it might be, you have to respect the fact that they might want it back. This should always be the first option regardless of the resentment and hurt feelings you have, and the burning desire to smash everything that used to be theirs. Contain those feelings and ask yourself:  Wouldn’t you want your stuff back after a breakup? Wouldn’t you want your things treated with respect?Wouldn’t you want to get your stuff back without them being damaged? If the answer is yes to all of the questions,then do the same for them.
2. Donate It

If they haven’t returned your calls, texts or emails to get their stuff back after a breakup , it’s your right to do whatever you want with it. So maybe consider the option to donate. Of course, this all depends on exactly what they left behind. Was it furniture? Old clothes? Whatever it is, you find is cluttering up your house and your mind, feel free to donate it and get rid of it!
3. Repurpose It

Let’s say that they left you some furniture that you actually like. One of the things that you could do with their stuff after a breakup is repurpose it! Google up ideas on how to repurpose furniture, there are tons of different ideas. Sand it down, repaint it or even just change up something small to make it yours, and to make it feel like it is brand new without any previous history.
4. Sell It

If you want to make some money on their stuff, why not sell it? This is a fantastic idea to boost your finance after a breakup and invested in a gym membership or a makeover.  Again, it all depends on exactly what they have left you and how much money it might be worth. Even the smallest amount you fetch will feel so satisfying.
5. Delete It

The delete button will have an enormous therapeutic effect. If they left you with a broken heart and some old pictures, don’t keep those around! Deleting any memory of your past relationship will help you truly let go of the relationship and be liberated. Don’t forget to delete them from your Facebook or any other social media since these are a constant reminder of your past and of ‘what could’ve been’, cut off all ties. Now you are free to move on and get on with your life, nothing will hold you back.

6. Throw It Out

Finally, if you don’t want to do any of the above with their stuff after a breakup, just throw it out. It’ll be better off in the long run that you don’t have to deal with it and if someone really wants something, they will stop and pick it up. Just toss it in the trash and call it a day.

These are some tips on how to handle your ex’s stuff after a breakup and on how to bounce back after a breakup.

Share with us what  you have done with your ex’s belongings or stuff after a breakup.


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