7 Benefits of IV Sedation Dentistry

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7 Benefits of IV Sedation Dentistry

Despite your age, the very thought of paying a visit to the dentist can be daunting. A majority of people have a deep-rooted fear instilled in them, which makes it harder to book an appointment or get the necessary treatment. Owing to it, they neglect their dental health and hygiene for years on end. This act of ignorance can result in significant overall health issues, not just dental. 

If you are one of them, living with such fear, IV Sedation Dentistry is a lifesaver for you. An IV sedation is a process of administering a sedative directly into the vein which would provide you with a state of comfort and relaxation, taking away your anxieties for good.  Millions of doctors across the world are using this method as part of their practice. The popularity has risen to the extent that doctors can get online Oral Sedation Dentistry Training.

Benefits of IV Sedation Dentistry:

1. The most effective form of sedation:

Most dentists use one or the other kind of sedative to ease their patients into treatment. It helps reduce anxiety and makes the procedure much easier. However, normal sedatives tend to wear off after a while. Whereas IV Sedation is the most effective form of sedation since its effects last longer. Under sedation, the patient remains alert, but the senses are often subdued. The patient can still answer any question that the doctor asks or even obey their commands. It allows the patient to let go of stress without feeling sedated. 

2. Gives instant relief:

Anxiety sets in for the patient as soon as they step into the dentist’s office. It can get difficult for both the patient as well as the doctor to examine during such circumstances. This makes it essential to come up with instant relief for anxiety. In such a situation, an IV sedation is the best option. It is administered through a needle into the blood, which makes its effects reach the brain quicker. It gives the patients relief from stress that comes with treatment. Although the patient must remember that the process involves the use of a needle, the doctor can use a topical cream to numb the area before placing the IV. It practically removes any sign of discomfort. The effect of the sedative begins as soon as the medicine kicks in, and it may last for a few hours, keeping the patient away from pain or discomfort even after the treatment is over.  

3. Possible to control the sedation:

In the case of oral sedation, after administering it, the doctor has virtually no control over the effectiveness and length of the sedation. On numerous occasions, the patient’s senses return while undergoing the procedure, which can cause major hindrance. On the other hand, under IV sedation, the doctor is always in control of how much medication the patient receives. The doctor gives it in small doses, till the patient reaches the desired state of consciousness. Once the patient feels relaxed, they can stop the medication of the feed. The doctor can initiate it again if the patient shows any sign of consciousness. With IV sedatives, the treatment becomes much more smooth and ensures that the patient faces no difficulty once the treatment is over. 

4. Improves oral hygiene:  

The entire motive of going to the dentist is to achieve better oral hygiene. Similarly, the most striking benefit of getting IV sedation is to improve dental health. It enables the doctors to perform even the most complex and painful procedures, without causing much pain or discomfort. The patient is in such a deep state of relaxation that the doctor can also perform several treatments, all at once. Going with the normal methods of sedation, it can easily take up to 5-6 sittings to complete the procedure. But, when the patient is under IV sedation, the doctor can complete the same procedure within two appointments. 

5. Helpful for people with disabilities: 

People suffering from physical or mental disabilities find it very difficult to get the right treatment for their dental problems. With this form of sedation, the procedure becomes much easier since the patient is under a relaxed state, both mind and body. They are in their senses, but the fear and pain are significantly reduced. For patients suffering from gag reflex, they may face the side-effects of treatment, which prohibits the dentist from performing any surgery or major treatment.  But, the IV helps in curbing the patient’s gag reflexes, and the dentist can carry out the procedure with ease.

6. Safer to use:

In the case of IV Sedation, patients are much safer as compared to general anaesthesia. When a person is lying still for a prolonged period, there are chances of blood clot formation. This is reduced by adopting IV Sedation during the surgery since the patient is not entirely unconscious. It also reduces the side-effects of anaesthesia. 

7. Allows the patient to react:

IV Sedation only takes away the sensation of pain, but all the other body senses keep functioning. The patient is not fully unconscious, but any abnormal movement brings discomfort to the doctor’s notice. The doctor can react swiftly in case of such abnormalities or discomfort during treatment.


Dental treatments are complex and can be very painful for patients. The discomfort sure rises if the patient has an inherent fear of visiting the dentist. But, with the IV sedation process, the anxiety and stress go away with ease. It ensures that you get your radiant smile back. Let go of the worries, for the IV sedation is entirely safe for you. 


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