Easing Your Anxiety by Clearing Your Clutter

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Easing Your Anxiety by Clearing Your Clutter

It’s normal to have a little clutter around the home. But if you dread turning the key to face the mess inside, then it may be time for a change. Clutter makes it hard to relax after a long day, and it can create anxiety from losing things in the piles. The good thing is you can easily tackle clutter by creating new organisation habits and sticking to them. Keep reading below for tips on how to clear out the mess once and for all. Easing your anxiety by clearing your clatter.

Tackle the mess room by room

There are no rules that say you have to declutter all in one weekend. Break it up, room by room, and enlist help if needed. The best places to start, and the ones that typically gather the most junk, are the bedrooms and kitchen.

The first step to decluttering is getting rid of unnecessary items. Take stock of everything and divide it by whether you will keep them, donate or trash. This can be the hardest step because some items carry sentimental value. In general, if an item hasn’t been used in one year then it may be time to get rid of it.

When it comes to the kitchen, the biggest offender of clutter is the items in the fridge. Do a deep clean in the fridge and remove any items that are past their expiration date. Next, reorganise items by their food groups and keep everything visible.

After you have decided which items to keep, then it is time to reorganise. Group items together based on their use, and make sure everything has its designated space. For the bedroom, fold clothes in a way that you can easily see what is in each drawer. As for the kitchen, keep items grouped near appliances where they are used most. Containers are some of the best tools when it comes to keeping items together.

Commit to cleaning

Once the junk is cleared away, then take the time to clean the space. Not only does cleaning help your physical health, but the act of cleaning can help you relax mentally. Put on some music and jam out while you scrub away, or use the time for silent meditation.

The best way to start the cleaning process is by working from top to bottom. Sweep away any dust around the ceiling and light fixtures of a room, then remove dirt and grime from the windows and walls. Clear dust off appliances and any screens in the home. Finish by wiping off surfaces and vacuuming or sweeping away the floor areas.

Keep clutter from gathering

Once everything is clean, adjust your habits so clutter doesn’t gather again. Set a designated space for mail and other important papers and toss unnecessary flyers as soon as possible. Avoid accepting items just because they are free, and instead, think about whether they will be put to use.

Clutter is often linked to extra spending. Online shopping is easier than ever before, and as a result, more people are buying things they don’t need and rarely use. Reduce the temptation by deleting shopping apps from the cell, and unsubscribing from store emails. When it comes to shopping in-store, the best tip is to create a list and stick to it.

Sometimes life gets busy and things pile up. Keep clutter from taking over by setting a time each week, or each month for a reset.

Do a tech cleaning

Digital clutter can encourage anxiety just as much as physical clutter. Digital clutter can range from multiple notifications on the phone or multiple tabs open on the computer. Just like in the home, the best way to start reducing digital clutter is by getting rid of things you don’t need.

Take the time to review notifications on your phone, or consider turning off notifications for some applications completely. Some phones come with a “do not disturb” feature, and others limit screen time to help you focus on tasks at hand. Help reduce laptop clutter by deleting old files and unsubscribing from email lists.

Set aside time to update any devices and do a virus check. Outdated software puts your computer or mobile phone at risk, and it can create stress by taking longer to do basic tasks.

Get a helping hand

Decluttering doesn’t have to be a solo activity. By getting help from friends and family, you can speed up the task and have fun at the same time. If decluttering still seems overwhelming, then consider hiring a professional decluttering service to help complete the task. There are services available to clean the home or office to help you reorganise the space and reclaim your time and life.

There are many benefits to decluttering beyond just having a cleaner home. Seeing the piles disappear can help you feel accomplished. It can also create a calm space away from outside stress. Lastly, it can help you feel more in control of your daily life.

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