7 Details Every Man Should Know About Suits

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7 Details Every Man Should Know About Suits

Seven details every man should know about suits. The one type of menswear, that is in season all year round are suits. Whether it be for work, for a meeting, or special occasion, owning and wearing the perfect fitted suit can do wonders for your image and confidence. Once you know this seven crucial details you will be picking a suit that makes you look sleek, charming, elegant and completely smashing. Let’s take a look at the 7 details every man should know about suits:

1.    Don’t try to make up a suit

Some man try to make do by getting a pair of pants that match the jacket. This just won’t do. A suit is a matching jacket and pants made of the same exact fabric bought at the same time.

2.    Buy a two button jackets

This is most current and looks best on just any man. Fasten top bottom when you standing and undo it when you sitting down.

3.    Pleats are out

Pleats are large creases sewn into the pants just underneath the waist; they make you look unnecessarily bulky. Pleats are definitely not trendy so avoid them at all cost.

4.  Choose subtle colours

You want to get a suit in a subtle colour that means charcoal, navy, black or grey. You can always add a touch of your personality with the choice of your shirt or tie.

5.    Get the right size suit

Suits don’t come in small, medium or large sizes. They come 38,40 and 42. Don’t buy a suit that is too big and looks loose on you. Get measured properly, it really is simple; all it takes is the measurement of your chest and height.

6.    It’s all about the fit

The suit should hug your frame as close as possible without being tight. Most men look better in slim fit suit and other suits are more of a square fit.

7.    A little tailoring goes a long way

You don’t have to buy a very expensive suit but a bit of tailoring will go a long way. Have your tailor take in the pants if they are too long, if jacket is too loose tailor can make it fit better and if your jacket sleeves are longer than your shirt’s sleeves shorten them. Suits are designed to be altered and a lowered priced suit will look like a million bucks if is fitted right.



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