What can a Tailor do for Women

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What can a Tailor do for Women

Tailoring plays a significant role in breaking or making a garment. Regardless of body size, a tailor can carry out proper alterations that can get decent unfitting clothes into outfits that will not only flatter your body shape but will also boost your self-confidence. An expert seamstress or the right tailor specialized in alterations Galway can make the best changes to be made to your coat, shirt, suit, skirt and other garments as well.

Alterations a tailor can do to women clothes:

What can a Tailor do for Women- Tailor do for Women

  • A tailor can do a lot to a woman’s dress such as narrowing the shoulder, opening the neck width, lifting the neckline, resizing the armholes or adding darts. It is also possible for the waist to be lifted by raising the shoulder straps in case the area is already fitting well.
  • For a perfect tailor, altering the length of the hem is not a problem at all. There are quite a few professional seamstresses who will surprise you with extra alterations that you probably had no idea at all.
  • A professional tailor can hem up the skirt, adjust the waist, sew it entirely or have it partially closed. A tailor is not only capable of making the alterations that you would like to have in your skirt, whether it is for formal/casual wear or professional wear but also completely restyle it.
  • A tailor has a lot of options to alter the shirts. Adding the finest inlay materials for the cuffs and collars, adding a side seam gusset is one of the significant changes made in shirts. A tailor will give your garments a new life.
  • It can be anything like decreasing a dress size or just making it slightly smaller, replacing the zipper and let out or take in every seam of a dress.
  • An alteration on a jacket or a coat is also something a tailor will be delighted to do for you. The sleeves of a coat, the collar of the coat can be detached before the line of the shoulder raises the whole torso. This will make the armholes to shift upwards as the length is cropped, carried out without chopping off the fabric or making the space underneath the buttons and pockets to look odd.

Alterations women request their tailor to do

What can a Tailor do for Women- Tailor Women

  • Women requests alterations from the tailor such as creating side vents or centre vent on a jacket, patching up of tears and holes in pants and jackets, raising or lowering coats or jackets armholes.
  • Women are particular in alterations such as removing pleats from slacks or pants, shortening coat sleeves from the entire length or shoulder of a layer, replacement of leather, velvet elbow patches, replacement and repair of all kinds of pant and coat linings.
  • Some might even want to add pockets and zippers in hem coats, dresses and skirts, adding a hidden snap-in case of a gaping blouse and adding a little strap or snap for bra straps, which is a standard for most vintage dresses.

Why women need tailors

  • For women who don’t like to buy off-the-rack clothes, getting their outfit tailored from an efficient tailor is the best option.
  • Whether it is a minute change such as letting out the hem in pants or more considerable alteration such as removing pockets so that the pants fit better, a good tailor can fix all the clothing problems women have.
  • Tailors customise a woman’s wardrobe the way she wants it to be. From shortening sleeves on shirts or dresses to take in the body on a jacket or dress, a tailor can do it all. A good tailor can make the clothes look better from all angles.
  • Instead of buying a new outfit, you will save money by altering the clothes you have already. A good tailor will always know that some outfits shouldn’t be altered as it will be of no use.

Tips to find your perfect tailor

  • If you ever come across any perfectly tailored and well-dressed woman, feel free to ask her about the fabulous tailor who helped her out to have that chic look.
  • Ask the clothing stores and high-end boutiques to suggest you with the best tailors to whom they send their clients. Most of them have a reputation to keep, and so they will work with the best tailor only.
  • Always make sure to ask your tailor to show their piece of work to you. It is a good idea to follow if you have lots of complex alterations to be made.


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