All You Need To Know About Wrestling Shoes

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All You Need To Know About Wrestling Shoes

There are various types of wrestling styles ranging from entertaining to genuinely competitive. Professional wrestlers always carry their own sports-kit and the type of footwear they choose can have a great impact on their overall performance. All you need to know about wrestling shoes.

Professional wrestlers

Competent professional wrestlers mostly use wrestling shoes as they provide more traction and cushioning. The proper shoe is of sheer importance because most of the driving force comes from the athlete’s feet. A good wrestling shoe mimics the barefoot, ensures that the wrestler does not pick up any fungal infections or injuries during the play. Wrestling shoes not only provide the required flexibility but also promotes ankle support.  Wrestlers can move fast, and they can maintain their proper technique and footwork by wearing such branded wrestling shoes. A few factors to consider before buying a pair of wrestling shoes are.

Beginners should consider starting with a lower-end wrestling shoe. If you want to become a professional wrestler then you must consult your trainer to choose the best wrestling shoes. Your trainer can guide you to choose the best shoes for a different event.

All You Need To Know About Wrestling Shoes

  • The first step in selecting an appropriate shoe is to decide the size. Different shoe manufacturers, like Nike or Asics, have different size recommendations. Please use a size chart while making a proper decision. It is better to try such shoes once before you buy them. Even, major online shopping portals offer free return facilities on their wrestling shoes and if you find any difficulty with their shoes then you can replace the same at no cost.
  • Next, the budget has to be determined. If you have a restricted budget then you can choose some shows which are less expensive. Another feasible option is to buy a pair of used shoes from a wrestler.
  • The next step is to consider the colours. Top brands like Nike, Adidas and Asics offer a wide variety of colours- from traditional black & whites to red, blue and pink, bright orange & yellow. Almost all the colours that best suit different tastes are available.
  • Next is to determine the style of the shoe, which is very basic and important. It is a dilemma between the split sole shoe and non-split sole shoe. Most top manufacturers offer split sole shoes alongside solid sole shoes. Generally, the split sole shoes are costlier and more comfortable.
  • Finally, the brand has to be chosen. Adidas, Asics, Nike, and Matman have been manufacturing great quality wrestling shoes for decades. All the mentioned wrestling shoes have enhanced durability, a high degree of shoe-to-mat contact, and a lot of traction that also come in a lot of appealing designs to choose from. Apart from that, you can find some local brands that offer less expensive shoes and you can try their products if you have a limited budget.

Are Wrestling Shoes and Boxing Shoes the Same?

Wrestling shoes and boxing shoes appear to be one and the same, but there are some minor differences between the two:

  • Boxing shoes have a higher ankle than wrestling shoes to avoid ankle injuries and provide extra support. This is because boxers stand straighter when compared to wrestlers and are more prone to falling.
  • The soles of boxing shoes are softer, smoother and more polished as compared to wrestling shoes because boxers need to move quicker on the canvas.
  • Boxing shoes have minimal texture, which provides slight traction but not half as much as wrestling shoes, because wrestlers need a better grip on the canvas as compared to boxers. For this reason, some wrestling shoes also have studs on their soles.

If you are a serious wrestler, looking to excel in the field, then you need a proper shoe, and always choose the best quality wrestling shoes, not boxing shoes.


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