Best Places to Retire in Australia

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Best Places to Retire in Australia

What do you consider to be the most important criteria for a good retirement place? Your personal preference can usually give you a rough idea of which setting and city would be best for you.

Still, certain areas are more popular among retirees than others. Check out these nine amazing places to retire in Australia:


Located at the southwest coast of New South Wales, retirees love Merimbula for its beautiful weather that only enhances the area’s natural beauty.

Whether you prefer to take walks, go swimming or visit recreational facilities, Merimbula has everything you would want for a peaceful retirement. There’s also an airport available for any retirees who want to visit Melbourne or Sydney without taking to the road.


Want to retire a little more affordably? The restaurants at this little place on the Murray River in Victoria will only cost you about half of the price you can expect at Melbourne restaurants.

There’s plenty of associations and activities for passersby and retirees in Echuca. Plus, with the location being a little further from the coastline, you can expect some peace and quiet, too.


Kadina is located in South Australia, which ranks second in the proportion of older Australians within it. That’s about 16 percent of the total!

Featuring a country lifestyle with supermarkets, elderly care facilities, local attractions, medical services and more, Kadina also holds the world’s largest Cornish festival held every other year.

Darling Downs

If you visit Toowoomba or other little towns within that area in Queensland, you’re in for a good treat!

Retirees who love gardening and a sense of belonging to a community will surely enjoy the recreational and cultural facilities in Darling Downs.

As an added bonus, the climate here is cooler than you would expect in Brisbane, perfect for those who can’t bear the heat.

Huon Valley

Located close to Hobart and all its amenities, Huon Valley is located in Tasmania.

It’s an ideal place for those retirees who want to enjoy everything nature has to offer. It’s one of the areas where you can experience the four different seasons. Gourmets, golf, gardening and other leisure activities are all available, too.

Victor Harbor

Victor Harbor is within the Fleurieu Peninsula and also close to Adelaide – a convenient location for various purposes.

If you are more concerned about your health and need regular rehabilitation or medical services, Victor Harbor couldn’t be more suitable for you.

Port Macquarie

Almost 390 kilometres from North Sydney, Port Macquarie is located at the mouth of the Hastings River. This might give you a hint of the area’s topography: Mountains, wetlands, forests and rivers are all located here.

While the standard restaurants, cafes and art festivals are available here, the true highlight is the Tasting on Hastings – a one-month food festival held every October.


Located near Newcastle, Medowie offers a welcome change of pace. From custom fitness programs and meditation to all sorts of hobbies and sports, retirement communities in Medowie offer an ideal holistic environment to explore a new way of living.

This peaceful rural setting creates a relaxed lifestyle enriched with state-of-the-art amenities and a wide variety of leisure activities.

Margaret River

Within the southwest region of Western Australia. Margaret River features nature’s fresh air other offerings. Forests and the sea are nearby the areas that boast a Mediterranean climate.

Retirees can also enjoy the arts and culture lifestyle available here: Vineyards, music festivals and art galleries are just some of the offerings available in this little town.

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