Bisexuality Exists

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Bisexuality Exists

R.J. Aguiar, an online personality and a self-professed bisexual, has finally put an end to all those questions about bisexuality with style, oomph and humour.

If you think bisexuality is a façade to being gay, or assume someone who identifies as bi is just closet-gay, stop right there!! Watch the video below; it is honestly a comprehensive, yet funny, explanation of what it means to be bisexual.

R.J. Aguiar’s explanation has the potential to put an end to all the debates over bisexuality. Aguiar’s explains that sexuality is not black and white and requires one to move away from binary thought. This manner of thinking is essential in our early development years however; as we come to understand the world around us and move onto adulthood more complex thinking skills need to set in. These are therefore the kind of thinking skills that we need to use when we try to understand our and others sexual identity.

Aguiar continues to say that the world as we know doesn’t consist entirely of binaries like night and day, big and small, short or tall. There is a spectrum of times between night and day, just as there is a spectrum of sexualities between gay and straight. This has to be one of the most logical and cleaver arguments in describing sexual identity.

Another important message Aguiar leaves us with is that sexual identification is a personal matter that should not require justification or verification from others. Interesting point, why is it that we feel the need to justify, explain and verify our sexuality to others?

Ultimately, he says that the only thing we should focus on is: ‘ go after what you want and what makes you happy” and ‘ it’s not your job to always be explaining yourself to other people. Especially when it comes to stuff that really isn’t any of their business to begin with’

Well done, R.J. Aguiar.


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