Breakups – the bad, the ugly and then there is this

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Breakups – the bad, the ugly and then there is this

Breakups are never easy. Some people cry, others get angry and then there’s this! A German man by the online name der.juli is dealing with his breakup by selling his half of his share on eBay after his divorce. The court –ordered that they split their belongings in half. He took ‘half’ literally by taking his power saw to everything he shared with his ex. He’s next move was to put half of what he kept on eBay, and the other half he sent to his ex in the mail. Question is how did he mail half of the car? Mind boggles!!

Breakups – the bad, the ugly and then there is this1


This man got so creative that he made a YouTube video “For Laura” with bitter-sarcasm directed at his ex saying: ‘Thank you for 12 ‘beautiful’ years, Laura!!! You’ve really earned half,” it also includes a link to der.juli’s eBAy listings , where you can buy all of the half pieces.

This is one way to vent your anger, disappointment and hurt after 12 years of investing into a relationship. Wrong or right is a position that is hard to take when there is so much emotional investment. Dealing with the emotional and mental stress that comes with breaking up is no walk in the park; it takes months if not years to completely recover. Then there is always the reminder of was in the shared personal belongings that remain behind, usually these are charged with memories, thoughts and emotions and deciding who gets what is never a simple process. Maybe der.juli’s way wasn’t ideal but maybe its his own special way of dealing with all the stress of his breakup. He has after all lost half of what ‘used to be’ his life!

One thing is for sure no one was hurt as a result of this. We hope after this ‘creative-crazy, spectacle’  he can now move on to better things.


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