Ceiling Texture Types – Trending Options to Choose From

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Ceiling Texture Types – Trending Options to Choose From

Renovating your house or buying a new house? Then, you will be thinking about the ceiling texture types if not now then surely in some time to get the best ceiling texture applied. We have brought some cool and trending types of textures for the ceiling that you can have a look at and choose one that can suit your house in the best way. Ceiling texture types -trending options to choose from.

Swirl Ceiling Texture

This is a common ceiling texture form that you might have seen in many houses. Though it is very common, it is still an elegant option. You can make complete circles or semicircles as per your choice. It will be a tough job requiring patience to get the swirls done so either you need to be an expert to do it on your own or hire a professional to do it for you.

Knockdown Ceiling Texture 

Knockdown Ceiling Texture

This is a good kind of texture and looks really nice. It is more intense than a simple flat finish but you will find it less intense than an orange peel or a popcorn texture. You can create this texture by watering down the joint compound to a soupy consistency. A trowel is used to get this texture.

Popcorn Ceiling

You might have guessed it correct, the surface looks like popcorn and that’s why it is named so. Clean the surface and apply a stain-blocking primer. Now, you can spray the popcorn ceiling spray available in the market directly on the ceiling and it will stick to it.

 Fish Scale Ceiling Texture

Fish Scale Ceiling Texture

This is a beautiful design that you can have for your ceiling. Your guests will surely appreciate your choice if you get this elegant fish scale texture applied to your ceiling. Semicircles will be formed in this texture. It is pretty meticulous work and requires patience to do it. Getting these swirls will consume a lot of time depending on the ceiling size.

Slap Brush Ceiling Texture

To get this texture, you have to apply the mud all over the ceiling and then take a soft brush and slap it from one side to the other and form the designs. It will look like a flower design. You have to cover the complete ceiling with such designs so it will take much time and effort to do it.

So, here were the different ceiling texture types that you can have for your house. Pick one texture that you think will suit your ceiling in the best way and call the professionals right away to do it for you. For more ideas regarding interior decor, office, and backyard you can checkout at Architecturesideas.

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