Common Mistakes That Cause Plumbing Problems

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Common Mistakes That Cause Plumbing Problems

Obviously, houses – like other buildings – require a great deal of maintenance. While we tend to forget or put off home repairs, things break down and need replacing. Most of the time you don’t have a choice but to get them fixed up sooner rather than later. Homeowners frequently have to redecorate and repaint, fork out money to service heating and air conditioning units. Take care of any water damage, replace roofing/tiling, check insulation and plumbing, and that just includes some of the indoor requirements

No one wants to fork out money for nothing. If getting your hands a little dirty will save you a quick buck, chances are it’s going to be worthwhile. Even if you’re not sure what the problem is, there are things you can do (turn of the main water valve, for instance) to reduce further damage before the plumber gets there. Particularly in the case of a blocked drain, it’s worth grabbing the plunger and having a go at unblocking it before you call in the experts.

It also pays to think about what not to do so that you can avoid ever having the problem in the first place! Let’s have a look at some common things people do that is likely to costs them money in plumbing bills in the future. A list of common mistakes that cause plumbing problems – avoid them≥

1. Weight on Fixtures

If you’re placing too much weight on plumbing fixtures, you’re basically asking for trouble. Particularly in older showers, many people hang racks off the showerhead, filling them with shampoo, soap and the like – items that can be quite heavy. Many people also lean on fixtures in the bathtub. This can result in snapping the showerhead, which is the last thing you want.

2. Flushing Toys and Other Objects

This one is a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many drain blockages could have easily been avoided, and some of the items we’ve seen flushed down a toilet simply boggle the mind. Toy cars, screwdrivers, pencils – you name it, chances are we’ve seen it! Make sure the kids understand that the toilet is not a rubbish bin.

3. Washing Inappropriate Items Down the Drain

The drain is a liquid-only space, yet often we see people wash away things like construction materials (i.e. plaster solution). Doing so can mean the materials harden while in the drain, and this isn’t what you want at all. More innocuous items like hair are also prone to blocking up your pipes. Another big problem – though probably not a plumber’s problem – comes from people forgetting to wash off their plates and cutlery before using the washing machine.

4. Be Careful When Adjusting Plumbing Components

Every now and then, you might need to take apart and adjust/replace certain plumbing components, and that’s fine. Just remember that you need to find pieces that fit together perfectly; both in terms of size and the material itself. For instance, steel and copper can corrode when rubbing against each other, and this leads to the pipe essentially being closed up. Also, if you take things apart, always remember how they all go back together!

As a Melbourne resident, obviously, the majority of maintenance tasks you can do yourself. But for many problems, you’ll want to be bringing in a professional plumber in Templestowe and nearby suburbs of Melbourne. Here we encourage you to at least try to understand the problem before calling a local plumber near you.

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