Creative Ideas to Upgrade Your Summer Wardrobe

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Creative Ideas to Upgrade Your Summer Wardrobe

Pakistan experiences extreme weather conditions. The weather is unbearably cold during winters whereas it is increasingly hot during the summers. Thus, there is a high demand for lightweight, breathable fabric to provide comfort on warm sunny days. Lawn is the most popular choice for casual wear in summer whereas chiffon dresses are preferred for party wear. Stitching lawns into flowy cuts helps in beating the heat and providing comfort. Light embellishments and intricate embroideries look elegant in summer in comparison to heavily worked dresses. Creative ideas to upgrade your summer waredrobe.

Summer Dress Ideas

Various ideas that help in coping with the summer heat are listed below.

Kurta Shalwar

Kurta shalwar is a traditional Pakistani dress. It is a comfortable dress that looks very elegant. Pairing printed or solid-coloured kurtas with white shalwars is a typical Pakistani summer dress for women. Light embroidery on the necklines also enhances the look of the outfit. It can also be paired with dupattas. Wearing them with khussas or kohla puris completes the traditional look of the outfit.


Kaftans are the perfect summer dress. They are loose and flowy and provide the necessary comfort during warm days. They look especially beautiful when made in geometric designs and large prints. Single-coloured kurtas with a brochure or a motif in the front look elegant and can also be used to wear on formal occasions.

Full-Length Shirts with Flappers

Long shirts with comfortable flappers are another comfortable summer attire. Full-length sleeves and a long shirt protect the body from the bright rays while flappers provide the comfort of a pyjama. The style of stitching is loose and flowy suitable for summer days.

Short Shirt and Bell Bottoms

Short shirts paired with bell bottom look stylish and is the perfect dress for young women and girls for summer. This type of dress ensures comfort while remaining in line with the latest trends.

Solid Colored Suits

Wearing solid suits in beautiful colours is an easy way to look stylish during summer while keeping yourself comfortable. Solid suits can be made in any soft breathable fabric suitable for summer. Solid-coloured suits look good in all cuts and designs. They work well with long shirts and pants as well as short shirts and trousers.

Use of Pastel Colors

Pastel colours give a very soothing effect in summer. Therefore, choose your summer palette carefully by including a variety of pastels and neutrals. Earthy tones are in fashion and last a long time compared to the short-lived bright colour trends.


Adorning suits with laces are another way of styling summer outfits. Laces can be added to plain outfits as well as printed ones. Plain suits with the same coloured laces put in creative styles look very elegant. White laces can also be added to solid suits for a more defined look. Adding laces to the sleeves and bottom of printed shirts makes them stand out and look very pretty. Laces are available in many colors and it is usually easy to find a matching lace for the suit. They are also available in white colour which can be dyed into any colour of preference.

The various types of laces available in the market range from simple ribbon designs to put on the suit to hanging designs for the edgings.


Beautiful buttons in different sizes and shapes are readily available for adding individualistic style to the outfit. A vast variety of big and small metal buttons along with embellished stone buttons make it easy to adorn any outfit.

Intricate Embroideries

Delicate embroideries on the neckline or the sleeves look very elegant. Embroidered lawn suits can be worn for formal occasions such as birthdays and parties. Simplistic designs and light bead embellishments look beautiful in summer as opposed to heavily worked dresses.

Chiffon Dresses for Formal Wear

The lawn is the most popular fabric of the season which is used for casual to semi-formal dresses. However, for more formal events in summer, like weddings and Eid, etc., women prefer to wear pure chiffon dresses. Pure chiffon is a lightweight sheer fabric that enhances femininity and gives a very flattering look. The fabric also gives life to the embellishment and looks great on formal occasions. Chiffon dresses are very popular among women and are a season’s favourite along with Pakistani lawn suits. Many designers and mill owners are now focusing on producing more chiffon lines along with the lawn collections to cater to a wider audience and increase options for the consumer.

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