Gucci Watches- Trends to watch out for

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Gucci Watches- Trends to watch out for

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just a style-conscious chap who likes a statement accessory, below you’ll find some timely fashion for the year ahead.  Watches are considered to be the best accessory for both sexes and that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about in this write-up. Gucci Watches- Trends to watch out for

Let us steer our focus on one of the most stylish, top-notch and luxurious names in the industry- Gucci watches. The collection of Gucci watches has always been a spectacular thing that men all over the world go crazy about. We’ll let you know what to look out for the coming months. Classic watchmaking is here for the long haul and these fine timepieces prove it.

Classic styles

Gucci Watches- Trends to watch out for- Gucci Watches

In 2017, the watches are gravitating towards being more classy and conventional. Modest by looks, these watches are more about complementing the outfit (wearer’s best friend) rather than standing out on the personality. If you are someone who loves to go traditional, this is your time to do what you want to. Gucci’s Timeless collection is the perfect signature look that fits your need if you are looking for options.

Reduced dial

Gucci Watches- Trends to watch out for-Gucci Watch

Oh yes! You would have seen the phase where those huge dials covered your entire wrist in order to be comfortable, but now is the time that the size of the dial as well as the watches (in total) is decreasing. Good or bad, but definitely it calls for a more stylish look on your personality. The brand has been going with the trend and setting benchmarks for the generations with its varied collections.

Sporty looks

Gucci Watches- Trends to watch out for-Gucci Watch

Who would want to wear their elegant formal wristwatch to the big game? Or club it with their Polo t-shirts? Well, sporty looks are a fashion trend and you must take this opportunity to make your personality go up a notch with the sporty offering provided by Gucci. You can take a look at the Black Dial Rubber Watch or even Signature Stripe Watch to look absolutely on spot for the sporty occasion. Make sure you choose something that doesn’t go off the sync with your outfit.

Tiny sub dials

Gucci Watches- Trends to watch out for-Gucci Watches

Who doesn’t like their watch to bear more information than just time? Men love to have a compass, an hour dial and much more than just the simple dial. Hence, their wish was granted and 2 or more sub dials were incorporated in the wristwatches to make them look more functional. Whether it’s decentralised second hands, power reserve indicators, or even date displays, the smaller subdials are going to be en vogue on elegant timepieces.

Are there any other trends that you know of that must be included in here? Do let us know about them in the comments section below. Our readers would love to gain more knowledge about fashion and accessories from you all.

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