Homebuyers Express preference for planned communities

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Homebuyers Express preference for planned communities

A trend seems to be taking shape in the homebuyer world. As a large majority of homebuyers express preferences for planned communities over standalone.

To understand this emerging or re-emerging trend, you’ll need to understand what planned communities are.

Planned communities are communities that have been meticulously planned from their inception.

More often than not they get constructed on previously undeveloped land. These lands may be of any type there are no restrictions on that although developers favour Greenfield lands.

It’s no coincidence that these communities are getting a lot more attention lately.

Maybe it’s the freedom to own a newly built house, it might also be investing for the future as real estate in these communities has been known to skyrocket without as much as a warning.

After careful research by our team, we have managed to come up with four of the most influential reasons people are looking to buy into planned communities and the most salient features of these hot properties.

These are features that draw families both young and old alike to these new master planned communities.

They include the following:

  • A greater sense of community
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Scenic infrastructure
  • Innovative amenities

A greater sense of community

A greater sense of community is an attractive factor in today’s real estate market, more and more people are moving out of cities and poorly planned communities to newer, well-planned communities for more or less the same reasons.

When surveyed many Australians stated a great community is a major factor when deciding to own a house.

Some people might attribute it to nostalgia, we all long for cute family homes similar to the type we grew up in, while others attribute it to common sense.

Living in planned communities should be easier and better, isn’t that why we take so much time in planning them?

Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is as important a factor as any. Environmentally sustainable communities are communities designed with consideration for the economic, social and environmental impact that community would have on its immediate environment.

Environmentally sustainable communities are becoming increasingly important to the building industry as well as the government sector.

They are usually inhabited by individuals that are strongly dedicated to minimizing inputs like land space, water, and food.

These kinds of people prefer planned communities due to the fact that these communities enable them to live a minimalist lifestyle that doesn’t affect the environment adversely.

An environmentally sustainable community is one that should be able to thrive on its own without external influences.

An ideal community of such nature should generate its own power preferably through solar, hydro and wind sources. It should be one with nature; a master planned community should fend for itself while having a positive effect on the environment.

Scenic infrastructure

Another factor that attracts home buyers to master planned communities is scenic infrastructure.

Many of the newer planned communities were developed on previously unused lands, a large proportion of these unused lands are far from urban centres.

More often than not they are located in picturesque vicinities that draw in buyers than anything else.

A buyer would be more likely to make a purchase if their morning drive to work would be through roads surrounded by nature at its rawest.

Innovative amenities

Master planned communities are much sought after, no doubt, a major reason might just be the innovative amenities that come with the package.

When you purchase a well-planned piece of real estate, you not only get a regular house with four walls, you get a house with a larger living space.

You also get a house with a reliable transport system, you get a house in a wonderful school district.

Master planned communities usually feature parks, pedestrian-friendly roads, bike paths and in higher-end markets, even golf courses or tennis courts.

All these and more are what attract home buyers to planned communities in the 21st century.

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