How To Get Safe Accommodation While Travelling

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How To Get Safe Accommodation While Travelling

People travel for different purposes. They travel to study, to do business, or to have fun and relax. You might be travelling to complete your bucket list or to make a change in your everyday routine and do something new and adventurous. No matter what your reason for travelling is, the fact is that we are all a little bit wary when we are travelling. The reason is that theft is common these days. You might be the victim at the airport, during travelling, or even at your hotel. Just think about it; you go out for a day filled with fun and games, great food, great company, and you come back to your room only to find out that someone has been there and taken everything that was valuable. What are you going to do now? All your plans, all your wishes go straight down the drain.

Break-ins and theft are not the only reasons that might put you in trouble; there are fires, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and more that can actually put your life at risk. You might think that we are a tad bit paranoid, but it is always better to be prepared than to be stuck in the storm.

Why is Safety Such an Issue?

No matter where you want to go; Sydney or Melbourne, Maroubra accommodation is safe and secure and it should be your number one priority. That is more so when you are traveling with your family. That is why putting security and safety at the highest priority is in your own interest.

Read on to find out just how you can keep yourself safe.

Before Your Stay

Safety and security is not something that you consider after you have selected a hotel for yourself. It is something that you have to keep in mind even before you start your journey.

The Country

The very first thing that you have to do is to do your research about the country that you are going to. Read up on the security situation there, especially the local newspapers. Is the country been having terrorism threats? Are they focusing on tourists? What is the political situation in the country? Is there unrest or not?

The Area/City

Next check the city or the area that you have to go to. Is there a lot of crime there? Check up on the different neighbourhoods. Are some neighbourhoods better than the others? In what way? Again, the local newspapers, local YouTube channels, and digital magazines are the best way to know a place.

The Hotel

When you are looking at Staycation for different hotels or cottages to stay in, don’t just focus on the discounts, deals, and amenities that they are offering. You might find a very lucrative offer on some website, but the hotel is in a seedy part of town that you would rather stay away from. Check the online reviews on different websites about the hotel so that you can find out what other tourists are saying about it.

Another thing that you have to find out is whether the hotel has its own security system or not. Does the security staff stay 24 hours a day or only during the daytime? If the hotel has a problem with security, especially if the guestrooms are not restricted only to guests, then you will definitely find some reviews about it online. Do not ignore hotel safety as it might really come in handy.

Keep a Cell phone Handy

Now, what kind of advice is this? Everybody has a cell phone with them at all times. We know that. What we are trying to say is that keep a cell phone that works all through the trip. Save all the relevant numbers in your cell phone beforehand. This can include the numbers for the front desk, your home country’s embassy, the nearest police station, and others like these.


Make sure that you keep your documents safe by having a complete set of copies for your documents that you are taking with you and the extra set of copies is with someone in your family or friends. This way, if you do lose your documents on your trip or they are stolen, you can call up your friend and have them FedEx the copies to you ASAP.

Checking In

Getting to the Room

When you reach your hotel, make sure that everything is in order. Don’t take a room on the ground floor. You need to get a room that is between the third and the sixth floor. This way, your room will be high enough for most thieves to consider some other, easier task and low enough in case of any fire-related emergency.

A lot of hotels make a public announcement about your name and room number when they assign a new room to a guest. Make sure that you tell the front desk not to do that with you. If they do announce your name out loud, go up to the desk and ask them to change the room number. While you are at the front desk, ask them to give you any phone numbers that you might need in case of emergencies.

In the Room

When you finally get a room, make sure that you scope out the entire hallway. You should know the position of your room with respect to the fire exit as well as the fire extinguisher. Check all the locks of all the doors and windows so that you can be sure that they all lock, but can also be opened from the inside. If a lock is jammed or not working, let the front desk know immediately.

During Your Stay

As long as you’re in your room, keep the door locked all the time. When you leave, make sure that you keep all your valuables in the hotel safe or with the front desk. Remember to get it in writing.

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