How to rock your thirtieth birthday with your style

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How to rock your thirtieth birthday with your style

If you’re about to enter a dirty thirty club, you’ll want to do that with a bang! While every day should be treated as a unique opportunity to express your style, birthdays are something entirely else. By saying this, we mean that people love to look and feel special, especially if they are celebrating a milestone birthday. If you’re looking for inspiration to rock your thirtieth birthday in style, we’ve got you covered. This is how to rock your thirtieth birthday with your style.

Do everything with confidence

Hey, you’re turning 30. You have a clear idea of who you are, what you want, and where you want to go. If instead of nodding as you read these words, you raise your brows, it only means that you have some work to do. Working on yourself is the best investment of your time and resources, so why not turn the year you turn 30 into a year of self-betterment. Just as you’d rock every day with confidence, let’s rock your birthday with the same level of enthusiasm.

Wear a perfectly fitted suit to the office

For a day at the office, go in a perfectly fitted suit. Even though you have a party to go to in the evening, your work outfit for the day should be equally stylish. The colour of the season is Veri Peri, so you can pair a blazer in this shade with slightly darker purple pants to create a trendy monochromatic look. Your other options include a hot orange, cerulean blue or kelly green. You’re already seeing these colours everywhere, so why not add them to your closet. A blazer and fitted pants are versatile pieces you’ll get to take from day to night, with slight modification.

Blazer and a dress combo for a birthday lunch

Since buying a new outfit for a day at the office, birthday lunch and evening party might break your budget, we’ll give you a few ideas on how you can mix and match. The outfit you wore at the office can be slightly adjusted for your birthday lunch. You can wear a blazer and pants combo, but switch a shirt to a silk cami top or a corset. You can also keep the blazer on but change everything else for a black midi dress with trendy cutouts that accentuates your figure. Cutouts are a major thing this year so use your birthday as an excuse to get a dress with cutouts. Change the classic black loafers you wore at the office with classic black stiletto heels to perfect the outfit.

The details

When we talk about accessories, your 30th birthday can be a great chance to invest in some signature pieces you’ll wear daily. You can even create a birthday wishlist you shamelessly share with your friends, so they’ll know what to get as a birthday present. Upgrade your daily outfit with simple golden or silver hoops, a watch and a few rings. You can change your accessories for your birthday lunch and go for heavier pieces like chunky clip-on earrings or a gold chain-like necklace.

The makeup

Since everyone will be posting a lot on social media, from selfies to stories, your makeup look has to be on point. A birthday celebration is a great reason to book your favourite makeup artist and have flawless makeup that won’t melt off your face. If you’re a skilled makeup artist yourself, the key to long-lasting makeup is to layer the products correctly, so take your time to perfect your birthday makeup look. To make things easier for you, you should get a full lashes extension a few days before the event, so you won’t have to use fake eyelashes. Lashes extensions are a timesaver because you will always look great, even on days when you’re not celebrating your milestone birthday.

The evening outfits

This entire day is an excuse for you to dress like royalty. But, if you like to adhere to certain standards and avoid shining bright like a diamond at the office, save that perfect outfit for your birthday party. We all want to look as best as possible on our birthdays, especially if it’s a milestone birthday and we’re having a grand party. So, the first rule for your 20th birthday outfit – it has to be a great fit. It doesn’t matter if it’s a dress, a top and a skirt, a ball gown or a corset and jeans. It has to be a flattering fit. Next, pick an outfit that makes you feel like the world is yours. It can be a bodycon black dress, a silk cami dress with an open back or a leather jacket and a sequin mini dress.


The last piece of advice for anyone entering a new decade – make your entrance in style. Pick an outfit you feel confident in. Make sure it’s flattering and compliments your figure, not the other way around. Play with colours or keep it classy with black, wear your signature hairstyle and play with makeup.

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